Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn's letter to his daughter

Here is a great video sound track. Its Glenn Becks Letter to his daughter. Then he used it as a speech to her graduating class.

"Rights are given to man by God protect them"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How did he know?

How did he know?

I was thinking of a conversation I had nearly ten years ago. It was with an old man here in Montana. he and his family lived out the great depression in a tent in the woods and never wanted for food or water.I just call him one legged Ray, as you may have guessed, he only has one leg and his name is Ray. If you have been around Billings You may know him.

He was telling me that when his dad felt the depression coming-on he sold all his possessions of value, except for the family car and guns. He used the money to buy camping gear and squirreled away the remaining cash. They moved to the forests and camped out for something like ten years.It seams like he said they also did some trapping and selling the pelts. I cant remember. But the thing that's most interesting now, as I recall the discussion. How did his dad know.I remember asking him How his dad knew what was ahead and was so sure of his premonition. As to take such bold action. At the time it seamed like a huge leap to sell out and move to the woods. Ray told me his dad just "felt the depression coming on".

We have been lead to believe the depression came about suddenly. But, it didn't happen overnight; it was a decline with rises and falls in the economy. Same as now. I think it was a JWR's blog I read "we all get to the depression at our own speed". I think that's true.

Rays dad was just one of the first to arrive at the depression, And his action was a reaction to his situation. He didn't know what was coming, but he knew where he was.

Ya See, I didn't get it then, but I do now! Having the benefit of living in our depression now the thought of moving to the woods seams reasonable.We are living in the depression now. If your ship is sinking, you dont need to wait till its on the ocean floor. When it starts to sink, you know whats going to happen next.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sneaky sneaks

Sneaky sneaks

Soon you will have your gold sales reported to the IRS.

Well apparently the new health care reform bill has a provision tucked in that has just recently come to the public attention. Gold dealers will have to file a 1099 to report sales activities over 600.00 when purchasing gold from an individual and business.

So, be a good little citizen and remember to bring your social security card when you sell your gold.

Here is the story

Not to worry! I have a few suggestions: Obviously try to keep transactions under 600, hard to do with today's gold prices, but keep in mind when purchasing gold and consider smaller quantities. Also consider using an S-corp, with a tax ID. An s-corp is exempted from 1099 filings, when the corp is receiving money. But if you are a corp then you are supposed to file a 1099 when paying another, Then you too can be an IRS tattle tale! If you chose to report another (hint-hint)

Setting up an s-corp is the best business move I ever did. Its easy too!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jack Webb Schools Barack Obama on America

This is very well made, It's a must see!

You will love I guarantee it!

President Reagan - Government is the Problem