Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dem's are for the poor,

The dems say they are for the po folk thy feel your pain. Here is a list of the richest members of congress, not surprising 15 out of the 25 are Dems, apparently feeling the pain of the pore country class is profitable. Also note the top 5 richest  majority  are dems 4 to 1
1Darrell Issa (R-Calif)$164,650,039$251,025,020$337,400,002
2Jane Harman (D-Calif)$112,318,335$244,796,667$377,275,000
3Herb Kohl (D-Wis)$163,510,027$214,570,011$265,629,996
4Mark Warner (D-Va)$73,315,204$209,700,598$346,085,992
5John Kerry (D-Mass)$158,643,501$208,801,275$258,959,049
6Jared Polis (D-Colo)$50,737,134$158,173,566$265,609,998
7Vernon Buchanan (R-Fla)$-68,340,597$142,432,692$353,205,982
8Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa)$60,196,019$94,306,010$128,416,002
9Frank R Lautenberg (D-NJ)$47,632,169$74,744,094$101,856,020
10Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif)$42,912,257$72,380,637$101,849,018
11Michael McCaul (R-Texas)$38,084,496$69,619,248$101,154,000
12Alan Grayson (D-Fla)$30,938,043$54,451,020$77,963,998
13James E Risch (R-Idaho)$19,036,052$53,325,524$87,614,997
14Bob Corker (R-Tenn)$8,293,042$52,345,517$96,397,993
15Cynthia Marie Lummis (R-Wyo)$12,970,031$48,288,514$83,606,998
16Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass)$15,741,036$44,917,518$74,094,000
17Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ)$18,154,181$40,898,090$63,642,000
18Harry Teague (D-NM)$36,275,466$38,275,465$40,275,465
19Carolyn B Maloney (D-NY)$11,497,098$36,751,045$62,004,993
20Gary Miller (R-Calif)$13,263,051$36,719,525$60,176,000
21Nita M Lowey (D-NY)$13,481,096$33,835,578$54,190,060
22Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif)$-33,223,905$31,378,542$95,980,989
23Denny Rehberg (R-Mont)$6,570,014$31,372,505$56,174,997
24Yvette D Clarke (D-NY)$10,000,002$30,000,001$50,000,000
25Olympia J Snowe (R-Maine)$11,605,053$28,542,526$45,480,000

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good reading

Good reading

Here is an interesting piece, by a . It has been making the rounds among conservatives and folks that are concerned by the actions of our governing body. This piece by Codevilla is an eye opening perspective on the difference of today's elected officials (ruling class) hand how us surfs are effectively being ruled by the likings of a college cliche. I heard of this piece a while back, today I was reminded of it when Dennis Miller interviewed Codevilla on a show replay today.

Its particularly interesting because it describes why party lines are often a fogy curve rather than straight black and white line. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A realistic and accurate view of the market

A realistic and accurate view of the market.

He points out that the last drop in jobless claims was due to the reporting agencies being closed on Labor day.Apparently they only had reports from 41 states. In the nine states that did not report CA was one of them. Absence of the reporting states stats they, guessed to arrive at a figure for jobless claims.

Also I think the stock market is building confidence in the expected victory of conservatives in November. I expect we will have another peak rally before we sink. If you look at the markets of 1929 to 1933 they observed two very nice rallies before plugging for decades of disparity.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Political involvement.

Political involvement.

My problem with politics is it is a work in progress, it will never end. Our lives will be spent defending our personal liberties. I and a lot of people would rather the government  just leave me alone. But there are those other people that like to be ruled, they need a government to tell them what to do. There existence is entirely dependent on the government. People like us are only hampered by government. The problem is they need people like us, to pay for people like them.

The next time I get in a political discussion, and they dont understand why I dont like the dems or there socialist movement. I will point my finger in there face and say: Because I dont want to pay for your schooling, I dont want to pay for your kids, I dont want to pay for your house, I dont want to pay for your health care nor your retirement. Most of all I dont want to pay you 80k per year for your government job, that would be nonexistent in the private sector. No one needs the services they do, at least not enough to pay for them. In my job I have to offer a service and or product, that people need or want enough that they are willing to pay for it. In the gov, sector there pay is directly obtained from the proceeds of tax payer extortion, we have the choice of ether paying the excessive income taxes and other fees, or;going to jail. The absence of choice or threat is what makes there comfortable living possible.

We have had groups working in the shadows to gain socialist ideals since the founding of our country.The names of the groups change and the players die off only to be replaced by new. There agenda varies over time but in essence the root of there agenda is to take from one and give to another. Today they are easily spotted, they use code words like "social justice" and praises like "its for our children". This is why we are constantly on the defensive. They are working for there goals, and willing to steal from us to achieve them. We are not working actively to achieve our goals, those being Freedom, Personal liberties, and Financial independence. I know we shouldn't have to fight for the things that are our birth right, but that doesn't change the fact that need too. The bottom line, these people want to take what is ours.

On a positive note, we have the advantage: They need us to be able to pay for there socialist utopia. But we dont need them! Our lives will improve to obscene levels of greatness if it weren't for there dead weight. We need to use this to our advantage.

This up-coming election is important, but we cant stop with this victory. We need to organize just as our opponents do, we need the force and effect of a collective movement for a common goal of freedom.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack boot piggy, wiggy and XE jobs
Above, is an article I found about what not to do when you get pulled over. It outlines how you NEED to bend over and submit to the supreme security force of the us empire. One cop in the article says 'you dont ask the questions, they do'.  I was pleased to see the commits voicing outrage with the concept of simply obeying authority and not to question the commands of THE MAN. I think we should all be as uncooperative with law enforcement as possible of course we should NOT escalating the situation, they are just waiting for an excuse to beat your ass with a club. But remember there job is to write tickets and gather evidence, and information to aide the prosecutor in securing a convection. They are not there to be your friend or to buddy-up. Be sure not to waive any right or to incriminate yourself. You dont have to answer any questions....So dont answer. Just say what can I do for you officer. Repeatedly if necessary!

If your seeking Paramilitary employment:

 Black Water now known as XE, is hiring. If your background is of military your chances of getting hired are probably good:

MY Vote

Here is who I am voting for

Jason Priest for State Senate

He is for Personal liberties, small gov, non intrusive gov,and no new gun control. He is a true conservative with constitutional values.

The guy he is running against is a complete socialist idiot. A democrap, his sight uses code words like "future is for our children" This of course means he is pro enslaving the citizen and youth of tomorrow with social programs that teach dependency on government. The dems for a long time have sought to drive the poverty level higher by offering programs that encourage you to stay on the programs, thus remaining low income and insuring a voter base; by simply promising them more free stuff by way of more social programs.

An example of social programs retaining there dependents is "welfare to work", They can work to make a very low income and still receive there "benefits"of welfare. If they work more than is allowed there benefits are cut. So they work the system and stand pat, living on your taxes. They also receive many thousands of dollars by way of income credit for being low income. The earned income credit is NOT a refund of there taxes, they pay no taxes The money for the EIC is taken from others and given to them.

The Dems have been brilliant in this arrangement. See a person on the above programs are receiving an extra 18K per year on these programs. If they were to apply them selves to employment and increase there income by as little as 1k they would loose all the "benefits". So when this person votes, They are not going to vote for a person that preaches "financial independence". Now when a Dem stands up and says he wants to "create more programs for the pore" That's where there vote will go.......See he just bought a vote by way of promising more free stuff at YOUR expense.

Like wise, the working middle class are driven to a much lower rung on the financial ladder, because there income is extracted from them to pay for the free programs for the Democratic constituents. Of course they bribe the middle class by promising tax breaks. Which is total BS because a flat percentage tax is the only "fair" way to go but a dem would never consent to that. And the bulk of your income that is lost is taken to support there programs for ther 'pore constituent voter base'. Like Social security, unemployment insurance, and medical. This money is not taken and held for your later use; its taken to pay for the people on the programs now.

There is no such thing as a good DEMOCRAT! No wait, that's not true, I like the buried ones. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money.
Davy Crockett

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Un-guarded retreat.

I have been looking for out side employment because I just dont have the energy to pursue the self employment  hassles, Contrary to popular belief self employment is very hard work. A job is more dependable and much less work. In a job a person arrives at a given time then dose his desired function and goes home. Then you get payed on a certain day guaranteed. In self employment land you may go months with NO pay some times you may never get payed or there check bounces and your only recourse is to file a law suit, and if your strapped for cash that's not a viable option....Even if you win you still need to collect and that's what you sued for in the first place.

But I haven made any iron clad decisions yet, I would just like to get more money flowing before the sky falls if in fact it does fall. But I was thinking, if the misses were home when SHTF, and if for some reason she had to leave the retreat/house. (remember we live on the retreat) if she needed to evacuate in my absence we should have a place to evacuate to. A predetermined location that she and I agree on. This way if I were to come home and find mutant zombies or other undesirables inhabiting my place, I would have a fall back location to regroup with the misses. Its not a likely problem given that I would only be gone for a day at a time but worth the planing, just-in-case. Otherwise there is no plan and one could loose another, for a life time. On the other hand I could loose here and find one better!!!(kidding)

I am thinking of a location near here on a mountain top, maybe I could stash some provisions there. Nothing fancy just food water blankets and a tent. Just another edge to insure we die with our boots on.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Curing meat and smoking meat

Curing meat and smoking meat

I was poking around on line and found this page:

Here are some of the recipes and information.

Selection and Handling of Meat
Meat is a highly perishable product in which deteriorative changes begin soon after bleeding the animal. The primary cause of product deterioration is microorganisms which may be bacteria, yeasts, or molds. The tissues of the living animal
are essentially free of these. However, the first source of contamination is with the sticking knife in the bleeding process. Other sources of contamination are associated with handling conditions such as contact of the hide, puncture of the intestinal tract and improper cleaning of equipment used for cutting and processing. The best way to keep deterioration of product to a minimum is with low cooler temperatures and a good sanitation program. Proper handling of meat is the key to successful meat curing.
Rapid chilling of the hog carcass or any other meat cuts is a must to prevent spoilage. With adequate refrigeration (32-35°F.), it takes 12 to 15 hours to chill a 150-pound hog carcass down to 40°F internal temperature. This is extremely important since warm meat may start spoiling before the salt penetrates to the center of the cut. “Ham Sour” from anaerobic
Meat Curingbacteria present in lymph nodes or bone joint may result if the fresh (uncured) ham is not chilled below 40°F.
Cuts most commonly cured from pork are the ham, shoulders, and belly, while jowl and loin are sometimes cured. Most commonly cured beef cuts are briskets, strips of round, or chuck and plates which can be cured as beef bacon.
Sanitary conditions can affect the flavor of fresh or cured meats. Thus, it’s essential to have clean equipment and facilities
to produce the highest quality cured product.
The work area should be cleaned daily with warm water (130°F.) and detergent followed by a sanitizer for microbial control. All complete sanitation programs should include these steps

 Method of Curing
Curing materials may be in either dry or liquid form. They will be applied either to the surface of meat or into it by some injection method. The oldest method of cure application is dry cure in which the curing ingredients are rubbed on the surface of the meat. The dry, sugar cure method can be used under wider temperature variations and will have less spoilage problems under unfavorable curing conditions. A simple and time-tested dry-curing formula is as follows:
• 8 Ibs. salt
• 3 Ibs. sugar
• 2 oz. sodium nitrate
• 1/2 oz. sodium nitrite (or a total of 3 oz. nitrate available; remember, excess nitrite is toxic)
Also, a prepackaged cure or modern cure mix can be purchased from a spice or seasoning company.
One ounce of cure mixture per one pound of pork should be used. Hams will require three separate rubbings at three- to five-day intervals. Picnics and butts will require two rubbings
at three- to five-day intervals. The belly will require one thorough rubbing with a little sprinkling over the flesh side of each belly. The cure mixture should be divided into two or three portions for the number of rubbings. At the end of the three- or five-day interval another portion of the cure mixture should be rubbed in. When curing, meat should be held in a non-corrosive vat or containers that will drain so the cuts do not rest in their own brine.
The length of curing is seven days per inch of thickness. An example, if a ham weighs 12-14 pounds and is 5 inches thick through the thickest part, this ham should be cured 5 x 7 = 35 days. A belly two-inches thick should cure in 14 days. Another important consideration is to be sure the cure is rubbed into the aitch bone joint and hock end of the ham to avoid bone sour. During curing the product should be stored at temperatures between 32° to 40°F.

Three traditionally recognized reasons for smoking meat are for preservation, appearance, and flavor. Smoked meat is less likely to spoil than unsmoked meat. Smoking improves the flavor and appearance, aids in reducing mold growth,as well as retards rancid flavors. It takes about 24 hours to smoke and cook hams. Smoking is usually accomplished in three stages. During the first phase, or drying stage, the smokehouse is heated to 125°F. All dampers are opened to allow all excess moisture to escape and there is no smoking during this 8-hour period. During the next eight-hour stage, the dampers are partially closed and the temperature on the house increased to 135°F. and smoke is generated. The smoke is continued throughout the third stage with all dampers closed, and the temperature on the house raised to 180°F. Hold this temperature until the product temperature reaches 142°F. These hams will require further cooking in the home for full tenderization. Hams sold as “fully cooked” have received extra heat processing to an internal temperature of at least 148°F.
The wood used to generate the smoke should be of the hardwood species. Do not use pine or any other resinous wood or sawdust because the smoke from such wood will be sooty and strong smelling. It is recommended to use wood or sawdust from hickory, apple, plum, oak, maple, ash, or any non-resinous wood to obtain satisfactory results.

Successful curing is dependent on proper handling of meat and using good quality cure ingredients. Curing provides preservation of product, but such cured products still have a short shelf life of 30 days at refrigerated temperatures. Remember
to handle with care.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I was reading on a BLOG several months back, I cant recall the name. But, they were talking about wise investments (most of us dont have money to invest- Ill get to that too) The BLOG author was thinking commercial property would have a positive return. It will not !

We need to stop thinking in those terms, rental property only worked well in an inflating and vibrant economy. We will inflate but the vibrancy isn't there to support a need for commercial property. I have had rentals before and honestly I spent most of the time chasing tenants to get paid. These were low end houses so that was a large part of the problem. A lot of times a tenant would move-in pay for the first month, and then didn't pay for the next month. It would take most of that month to kick them out. Then another month to haul off all the crap that was left behind, and to get a new renter. So each three month cycle I collected one months rent and spent a huge amount of time to go broke. Its not a direct comparison to commercial property, but the risk is huge when your returns are dependent on people as tenants that aren't very reliable. It would be more dependable if I had been more selective...It is a lesson to me, giving people a chance to prove they can be responsible in the future is a loosing deal. I got screwed every-time. Most people wont utilize opportunity, to propel forward. Its the same reason welfare doesn't work.

Here is some figures to mill over, when pondering investments. A house costing 60k will return about 500 a month in rent, this doesn't include costs of maintenance. But lets just give it the benefit and say your tenant is a good one and pays every month, and nothing breaks. So 60k in cold cash will net you 6k a year.

When I got a judgment from child support, the judgment was illegal but trying to prove I wasn't served was imposable. Among the first things they did, was to lien all my property. So the property was completely locked-up with no warning...I was cash pore my money was all in property. With a lien showing on my credit report a loan was imposable, banks cant loan to you without paying all judgments. Not only can your property assets get locked up. But the first thing an attorney will do when filing suit against you is check to see how much property you own. Remember, people have the mind-set that property holdings, equate to wealth. So the county property records are strengthening there resolve to sue you. They think you have money and there coming to get it.

Real estate is not liquid at all. And its a huge target to get sued, by opportunists. Now, here is a better Idea! Cows. 12 cows will costs around 12k sometimes they are bread for this price, the offspring will net you 500 each. that's a return of 6k per year.

So the house rental is 60k to net return 6k and not liquid and lien-able.

The cows are 12k to return 6k and very liquid, and nearly imposable to lien. Also the auction houses don't report payments to the IRS.

Sure you need land for the cows, but range land is cheaper than buildings, and with our curnt melt down any thing agriculture is a very safe bet.

We had our property up for sale a while back and the highest offer was 6 times what we payed 6 yrs before. Its funny today houses prices are still falling but agriculture land is rising. We were looking at walking away with 200K in our pocket after the sale. But the child support Nazi's would have taken half. And we couldn't find anything we liked better. We decided to stay where were at. In fact our plan now is to retain the property as a safety net for our old age.

There are still deals to be had on vacant land, they are going up in price so get yours now, or you will be left in the dust.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

JBT the big bone!

Flipping off a cop....I love this video....Even though I support giving the JBT the big bone!

I just noticed the stats, Interesting.
This video is most popular with:
Gender Age
Male 45-54
Male 35-44
Male 25-34

Don't talk to the cops

Don't talk to the cops

There is also a part two, I haven't watched the second part yet.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Walter E Williams

Walter Williams: Free-market thinking grows out of a respect for the basic principles of individual liberty. If I am free, then I can negotiate, I can trade with anybody I wish to whether that person is American or whether he came from Europe, Mexico, Africa or anywhere else. If any third party interferes, then I am that much less free.

Walter Williams: No, I was not. And if I can identify anybody, it was Thomas Payne, who wrote Common Sense, which I have read a number of times. It was a pamphlet that Thomas Payne wrote to rally the American Colonies to rebel against the Crown.

I have listened to this guy on the radio. He is ultra conservative, very pro personals liberties. He is pondering running for president. I hope he I will, I would be delighted  to work on his campaign.

Its ironic, that it may take a black man to free us.

Also when the liberals/socialist start to speak of him poorly.....We can accuse them of being racists!

Please Google his name and find his numerous links to articles.

His home page is:

Here is a recent interview with him:

He is wanting a ground up building of support before he makes a bid for the presidency.

I would support him 100% This guy will restore constitutional freedom. He is beyond a doubt the best man for the job. To understand his line of thinking he is much like Ron Paul, But his speaking is much more dynamic. He would be able to debate anyone with even a hint of liberalism, And totally cream them. He knows his facts and can speak off the cuff.....He does it all day long on the radio. He is an accomplished business professional. He preaches free market capitalism, individual freedom, states rights against federal gov, and naturally he believes in a small government that is not intrusive.

He is a polar opposite of Obama!!!!

On The Fence

I have been on the fence as to voting this mid term election. There is a lot of rumbling amongst the survivalist crowd, to avoid the political game. They have some valid points. But the point I cant escape is "you cant win if you dont play". A natural occurring phase of socialism is poverty and eventual collapse. That is where we are headed now. Our economy is tanking simply because the workers of the nation can not continue to support the over-head of social programs. (even sub-prime Mtg. is a social program).

Look, I have been hearing one in every six persons is supported by a government social program. (I hear CA is one in 3). I also know over half of the nations employment is federal or state municipal. Politics aside for a moment. NO government service produces a tangible product, they make no money from produced services that generates new money (except when they print it).  The people paying the bills of this country are people that produce a product or a service to those that do. A government employee pays taxes BUT the payment is from the government to the government employee and back to the government. They could have simply reduced the wage equal to the tax and accomplished the same thing. (But they need the revenue numbers up high to justify employing more government employees to administer more social programs). So if one in six people are on government welfare of one form or another, and half of the original 6 are in government employment that only leaves 2 people to support the remaining 4. Its no wonder our economy is crashing.

We all average 1/3 in federal tax withholding. its 50% if your self employed. The last job I had was 200 a week in taxes that was ten years ago. This to much for one person to pay and yet we all pay it. It still isn't enough to support the 4 out of 6. The bulk of government revenue is from the self employed and corporation share holders. (corporations pay no tax, the taxes are payed by its share holders). If it were not for this countries huge capitalist wealth we would have collapsed a long time ago. Socialism is very expensive.

Of course the federal tax is only a smaller picture of taxes. We pay vehicle registration, property tax, fines and permits....The list gos on and on. Not to mention the pet taxes like Child Support, Alimony and required insurance (home, Vehicle and Health......).

Back to voting, The economy will crash I'm sure of it. How big of a crash is debatable. Personally I think a huge depression is the likely out-come. Some economists are predicting a wicked crash early 2011. So there is a date to shoot for. But I think our Government will be in place for a long time to come. So we need to vote now more than ever.

The hardcore conservative will get my vote.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now thats good news!

Apparently Arizona passed a law, making it legal to carry a firearm concealed with out a permit. I dont know how I missed this, Its old news now. I have been busy working on my place, In fact I haven't left the property for a month. Needless to say I support Arizonan's new pro gun law.

In a perfect world we wouldn't need a law to permit or allow an activity.  I believe or founders intended laws to be restrictive to an activity, and not permissive. But we have to many laws now an I suppose a permissive law is the only viable way to restore rights.

We have a right to keep and bear arms. That shall NOT be infringed. This is a law to the states and federal government restricting them from any activity that infringed on our right to keep and bear arms. They have obviously failed in adhering to the law of the land. So I'm glad to see Arizona is getting with the program. By the way, the governor that signed the law in to effect is a Republican. The previous Governor was a Democrat and vetoed several similar bills in the past.

Most states have laws restricting concealed carry. Most of those laws were made during the 1800's. Its not surprising that a restrictive law would be made during the "wild west" days, because hiding a weapon was considered by most as a cowards last ditch effort to avoid a "fair fight" and to shoot an opponent in the back. It was illegal in most areas to shoot an un-armed person. So a coward could be an ass, and avoid being shot by appearing un-armed.

But by the same token it was normal for a person to openly carry, so there was no need to conceal your weapon. Now days it would be greeted with disdain to openly carry a gun. So the law allowing to carry concealed is perfectly reasonably.

More on the infrastructure

More on the infrastructure. I have been getting the power system working better. And I have been redesigning the trailer, so its cheaper to keep warm and improved living convince. A 75 foot long trailer is a pain, its tough to heat a long narrow space with the walls in-between. My heating is with a wood-stove and a propane space heater as back-up when the wood burns-out.

The trailer house is a 2 bd one bath. The kitchen is at the front then a bed room then the bath and the last bed room. With the kitchen and bath at nearly opposite ends frozen pipes during winter is a constant problem. Also a long trailer is annoying, every-time I need something its always at the other end of the house. I've logged many miles walking back and forth.

So to remedy the above problems I am down sizing the house to half the living space. In the end it will be a 16 by 40 one room house (the bath will be a separated room). Eventually I will remove the unused half of the house and build an insulated exterior wall. I have knocked out all the interior walls in the back half of the house. I moved the bath room and plumbing to the very back and the wall is up. The cistern is buried under the back half of the house. So that makes it more practical to limit the living area to the rear. I'm in the process now of moving the water heater to the space under the house. This will make room for the sink and counter in the main space, being the kitchen and bed room.With the kitchen and bath near plumbing lines will be shorter and less problems for freezing will occur since the space for accommodation and heating is smaller.

I have a dug-out area under the house large enough to stand in. Yesterday I was cutting the axles from under the house to make a larger area to increase the dug-out. I reached to the floor to toss a rotten board out,and I heard a steady hissing rattle sound. At first I thought I was hearing a gas leak, but the propane was off. I was pinned between the tank and wall with the hissing in the way of me and the exit. It was to dark to see clearly but by this time I had deduced the noise was from a rattle snake. The other way out was behind me through the outside crawl space.I had set the rotten ply wood in that exit, now knowing of the snake I was worried I had uncovered a snakes den and I feared baby snakes my have somehow stayed on the board.
I crawled over the water tank and in-to the house. I reached my trusty 10/22. Then went back down and killed the snake.It seams odd a large rattler would have chosen the dark and muddy conditions to perhaps hibernate, but who knows what goes on in the mind of a snake.
This is the crawl space from the house. I am cutting the axle with a blow torch. I had to cut them in half to lug them out from the top. The sides of the house are burred with 3 feet of dirt.

I ran out of oxygen so the remaining axles will have to remain for now. I have the plumbing to keep me occupied for a while.

Friday, September 3, 2010



I have been devoting my days lately to improving infrastructure around the compound. The logic being that by spending the time now to save time later, and making life more comfortable will bring greater productivity in the future.

Power is the focus point of the last few days. Since we have returned from our fruitless stay in California (attempting to negotiate, were not successful with the child support Nazi) ( no oppressive regime ever gave up control voluntarily). Our power inverter has been unable to power the things it had in the past like the fridge and water pump. The batteries had also baked so keeping a charge for long is not happening. During our year long absence we left the lights on for security.

My system is basic, its a 400 watt air-x wind generator two solar panels (I cant remember the size but they are small). And several heavy duty batteries. With a gas generator. The system at its original costs was around 2500.00. to date (not including generator fuel). Batteries replacement and with one inverter replacement over the last 6 years I would estimate 6k has been lost to our power system.

Despite the push for renewable energy it is not a cheap alternative. It works well for us because we are 7 miles from line power. Batteries are the weak link, I keep bulk battery acid to replenish the cells, sometimes they will run dry and then its life is much shorter. In addition to the dry cell problems. Montana is a severe climate area, arctic cold winters and baking hot summers, not Ideal for a long battery life. Also the dry dusty conditions are not good for electronics, like the inverter and wind generator.

Prior to my recent changes the power system was housed in an enclosed back porch. Now I have replaced the batteries and the inverter. I have moved the system to the inside of the house. This I am hoping will extend the life of the power system, by protecting it from the elements. I'm still in the process of wiring things up and I'm running more 12 volt lights. I'll get some pictures and explain my system in more detail.

So far its much nicer having a fridge again and not needing to get the generator started for water pressure.I just remembered to mention the generator problems, Prior to having the solar panels and wind generator, we used the generator to charge the battery bank allowing enough power to run the house on the inverter. Needless to say we wore out several generators. So this was another huge expense that could have been avoided by better planing.

My problem was lack of capital to build an efficient set-up in the beginning. Now with infrastructure improvements and part of the system in place the costs from here should be financially able to bring the system to a more efficient design.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

state of delusion

Those local gov. and employees seam to be in a state of delusion, they are planing to increase taxes and fees to maintain business as usual. The cops seam to think more revenue from tickets will preserve there job, it will for a while.

Others think maintaining a partial MTG will preserve there life as they knew-it. It will for a while.

Speaking of a state of delusion, the feds still wont admit its a depression. Actual unemployment numbers are higher now than they ever-were in the 20's and 30's.

The fact is after the stock crash of 1929, the unemployment never went above 10%. Until the government steeped in to "help" in 1933 with the make work programs unemployment soared well above 10% and never came down till WWII.

In my younger days of working around heavy shipments of stock. I learned early when something large and heavy falls.....Let it go! The thought being, the item is replaceable you are NOT! Even though your instinct reaction is to step forward and catch it. You can train your response to be an immediate step back.

I think the economy is to large and heavy to catch. Those living in the state of delusion, are continuing to make payments on a bank owned life style. Its not sustainable and it wont last. Were all screwed.