Sunday, September 19, 2010

MY Vote

Here is who I am voting for

Jason Priest for State Senate

He is for Personal liberties, small gov, non intrusive gov,and no new gun control. He is a true conservative with constitutional values.

The guy he is running against is a complete socialist idiot. A democrap, his sight uses code words like "future is for our children" This of course means he is pro enslaving the citizen and youth of tomorrow with social programs that teach dependency on government. The dems for a long time have sought to drive the poverty level higher by offering programs that encourage you to stay on the programs, thus remaining low income and insuring a voter base; by simply promising them more free stuff by way of more social programs.

An example of social programs retaining there dependents is "welfare to work", They can work to make a very low income and still receive there "benefits"of welfare. If they work more than is allowed there benefits are cut. So they work the system and stand pat, living on your taxes. They also receive many thousands of dollars by way of income credit for being low income. The earned income credit is NOT a refund of there taxes, they pay no taxes The money for the EIC is taken from others and given to them.

The Dems have been brilliant in this arrangement. See a person on the above programs are receiving an extra 18K per year on these programs. If they were to apply them selves to employment and increase there income by as little as 1k they would loose all the "benefits". So when this person votes, They are not going to vote for a person that preaches "financial independence". Now when a Dem stands up and says he wants to "create more programs for the pore" That's where there vote will go.......See he just bought a vote by way of promising more free stuff at YOUR expense.

Like wise, the working middle class are driven to a much lower rung on the financial ladder, because there income is extracted from them to pay for the free programs for the Democratic constituents. Of course they bribe the middle class by promising tax breaks. Which is total BS because a flat percentage tax is the only "fair" way to go but a dem would never consent to that. And the bulk of your income that is lost is taken to support there programs for ther 'pore constituent voter base'. Like Social security, unemployment insurance, and medical. This money is not taken and held for your later use; its taken to pay for the people on the programs now.

There is no such thing as a good DEMOCRAT! No wait, that's not true, I like the buried ones. 

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