Thursday, September 2, 2010

state of delusion

Those local gov. and employees seam to be in a state of delusion, they are planing to increase taxes and fees to maintain business as usual. The cops seam to think more revenue from tickets will preserve there job, it will for a while.

Others think maintaining a partial MTG will preserve there life as they knew-it. It will for a while.

Speaking of a state of delusion, the feds still wont admit its a depression. Actual unemployment numbers are higher now than they ever-were in the 20's and 30's.

The fact is after the stock crash of 1929, the unemployment never went above 10%. Until the government steeped in to "help" in 1933 with the make work programs unemployment soared well above 10% and never came down till WWII.

In my younger days of working around heavy shipments of stock. I learned early when something large and heavy falls.....Let it go! The thought being, the item is replaceable you are NOT! Even though your instinct reaction is to step forward and catch it. You can train your response to be an immediate step back.

I think the economy is to large and heavy to catch. Those living in the state of delusion, are continuing to make payments on a bank owned life style. Its not sustainable and it wont last. Were all screwed.

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