Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Un-guarded retreat.

I have been looking for out side employment because I just dont have the energy to pursue the self employment  hassles, Contrary to popular belief self employment is very hard work. A job is more dependable and much less work. In a job a person arrives at a given time then dose his desired function and goes home. Then you get payed on a certain day guaranteed. In self employment land you may go months with NO pay some times you may never get payed or there check bounces and your only recourse is to file a law suit, and if your strapped for cash that's not a viable option....Even if you win you still need to collect and that's what you sued for in the first place.

But I haven made any iron clad decisions yet, I would just like to get more money flowing before the sky falls if in fact it does fall. But I was thinking, if the misses were home when SHTF, and if for some reason she had to leave the retreat/house. (remember we live on the retreat) if she needed to evacuate in my absence we should have a place to evacuate to. A predetermined location that she and I agree on. This way if I were to come home and find mutant zombies or other undesirables inhabiting my place, I would have a fall back location to regroup with the misses. Its not a likely problem given that I would only be gone for a day at a time but worth the planing, just-in-case. Otherwise there is no plan and one could loose another, for a life time. On the other hand I could loose here and find one better!!!(kidding)

I am thinking of a location near here on a mountain top, maybe I could stash some provisions there. Nothing fancy just food water blankets and a tent. Just another edge to insure we die with our boots on.

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