Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Political involvement.

Political involvement.

My problem with politics is it is a work in progress, it will never end. Our lives will be spent defending our personal liberties. I and a lot of people would rather the government  just leave me alone. But there are those other people that like to be ruled, they need a government to tell them what to do. There existence is entirely dependent on the government. People like us are only hampered by government. The problem is they need people like us, to pay for people like them.

The next time I get in a political discussion, and they dont understand why I dont like the dems or there socialist movement. I will point my finger in there face and say: Because I dont want to pay for your schooling, I dont want to pay for your kids, I dont want to pay for your house, I dont want to pay for your health care nor your retirement. Most of all I dont want to pay you 80k per year for your government job, that would be nonexistent in the private sector. No one needs the services they do, at least not enough to pay for them. In my job I have to offer a service and or product, that people need or want enough that they are willing to pay for it. In the gov, sector there pay is directly obtained from the proceeds of tax payer extortion, we have the choice of ether paying the excessive income taxes and other fees, or;going to jail. The absence of choice or threat is what makes there comfortable living possible.

We have had groups working in the shadows to gain socialist ideals since the founding of our country.The names of the groups change and the players die off only to be replaced by new. There agenda varies over time but in essence the root of there agenda is to take from one and give to another. Today they are easily spotted, they use code words like "social justice" and praises like "its for our children". This is why we are constantly on the defensive. They are working for there goals, and willing to steal from us to achieve them. We are not working actively to achieve our goals, those being Freedom, Personal liberties, and Financial independence. I know we shouldn't have to fight for the things that are our birth right, but that doesn't change the fact that need too. The bottom line, these people want to take what is ours.

On a positive note, we have the advantage: They need us to be able to pay for there socialist utopia. But we dont need them! Our lives will improve to obscene levels of greatness if it weren't for there dead weight. We need to use this to our advantage.

This up-coming election is important, but we cant stop with this victory. We need to organize just as our opponents do, we need the force and effect of a collective movement for a common goal of freedom.

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