Monday, December 31, 2012


I heard Diane Finestein on fox news sunday. She said her proposal is to revamp the clinton gun ban, and close "loop holes" like ban the transfer of existing weapons and high capacity magazines. Also put assault weapons under the same controls as a class II weapons requiring registration and fingerprinting and perhaps the tax stamp fee. She indicated this would be required for current owners.

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.50 caliber M2 machine gunJohn Browning's design 

I understand the bill would work something like the following:
A) You will have to register any "assault weapons" you already own. You will not be able to sell yours. You will not be able to purchase more.
B) The registration would be similar to the class II weapons registration. Including fingerprinting, background investigation, fees- tax- processing, and you agree to allow the ATF to enter your home or place where you have stated weapons are stored to inspect the weapons for compliance any time THEY choose.
C) High capacity magazines will be under the same control as the "assault weapon" restrictions above. Including registration and sales-purchase will be banned.
D) It is unclear if you would be able to purchase new or used if you follow the class II weapons requirements. It may be the same as legally owning a full auto weapon today.

What is clear, any infringement on firearms ownership is a violation of our bill of rights.

I don't own a sawed-off shot gun, it would be nice, but the risk of a Felony to possess one is not very appealing. If Finestine's wishes become law your little black gun will carry the same penalties as a sawed-of shot gun. (unless you submit to criminal controls).

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Newtown shooting discrepancies

      I have several issues with the narrative of the Newtown shooting.
First is the entry of the shooter, from the lock-down security door, it has an electronic lock that is operated from the inside, when the lock is released a buzzer sounds. Now here is how the story unfolded. The first reports said the shooter was buzzed-in but they didn't know by whom; then later that night they were reporting the shooter was buzzed in by the principal who was among the dead. then in the days that followed the story changed to the shooter shooting his way in. Now here is the problem; this part never changed but, the principal was shot when she was giving the morning announcement, the school heard the shooting of the principal over the loud speaker on the PA system. When you combine each story, the sequence doesn't work. If the shooter was out side "shooting his way-in " How could have  the principal been in-side giving the announcement, unaware of the gunfire just outside. then the shooter shot the principle during the morning announcement. 

      I suspect the first reports were correct; the shooter was buzzed-in. The shooter had his brothers id on him when he was found. Could this have been the ID he used to get admitted? The lie is almost reasonable, or necessary, imagine the outrage if the public were to learn he was buzzed-in, and the only security system in place had not been utilized to keep the bad guys out.

     I have a possible scenario. The shooter hid ammo and weapon (s) near an emergency exit. Went to the front door got buzzed-in, from the inside opened the exit perhaps wedging something in the door switch so the fire-alarm would not go off (it just now occurred to me that the Aurora shooter used a similar plan to rig the exit door of the theater) then got the weapon (s) and ammo. The shooting spree followed.

      An alternate scenario could also have been: On a prior visit to the school, he rigged the exit door so it would not lock. Then used the rigged door to enter the school with the weapon(s) and ammo on the day of the shooting. I recal early news reports said the would be shooter had some sort of altercation with school staff several days prior to the shooting on Friday. was the earlier visit the a setup to rig the door? The official narrative has dropped the version with the early visit from the shooter. not surprising all the details that included the schools lack of adequate security precautions have vanished.  

Friday, December 28, 2012

The news today

      I hear the usual yammering on the fiscal cliff ( by the way, did you know some people out there think the term is Physical cliff, i heard them call in to the various talk shows and the host corrects them, so I know i didn't misunderstand. HA HA HA,,, dumb asses) I heard a clip of obama talking he was saying how important it is to make a deal, YATA, YATA, But then he says how fragile the economy and housing recovery is. Now, we all know the "recovery" is bullshit. But the falling over the fiscal cliff is a handy excuse to explain the economic nosedive that is just around the corner. It is only one more reason in a long list of reason that benefit Obama when fall off the fiscal cliff. But its all side show BS anyways.

      In other news Facebook is canceling accounts and or removing posts that are politically charged against the left-wing, PRO gun, PRO II Amendment, quotes from the countries founders, and crime statistics. Facebook shuts down the account and requires the owner to submit picture ID and is warned the next time they violate the use guidelines they will be banned permanently. Alex Jones and sever well known people have had their accounts locked down, but several "regular" people have experienced the same-thing, according to callers on last nights Coast to Coast show.

      IN lighter news: a last month rerun of the Dennis Miller show, they were talking of a hoaxer in Montana, dressed in a big-foot costume, was hit by two cars and killed. ( Dennis correctly pointed out: 'if your going to dress-up as Big-foot, wear an orange hunting vest').

Counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollar

I love the Morgan dollar, but one problem they have, or should I say we have; when buying them or trading for them, the market does have some very good quality counterfeits.
But, if you know what to look for, they are fairly easy to spot.

The pictures show a counterfeit with two genuine coins. The counterfeit is the middle coin in all the pictures. Now, in the pic below the left coin is a near mint condition, the coin on the right is a fair depiction of a dollar with normal wear. 

The counterfeit weighs withen the correct range (worn coins never weigh all the same so close is as good as you can get), it is nonmagnetic and the detail is very good.

You probably have noticed the difference is in the thickness. The counterfeit is thicker than the real coins. The reason for the greater thickness, is because metal has a mass to weight ratio. The metal for the counterfeit need more mass to achieve equal weight (or close enough ). Silver has a distinct weight ratio, this is the major hurdle for any good counterfeit. Gold on the other hand is nearly identical weight to mass ratio as tungsten ........ But thats another subject. 

      The counterfeit coin is a cast pored job, note the edge is not uniform. A US coin is dye struck, meaning a blank coin is actually hit with a dye and the image is formed (or transfered ). The counterfeit is molten metal pored in a cast, or a mold. So, in this case, the counterfeit is easily spotted by stacking it with other Morgans, that are known to be authentic. 

      Also silver has a distinct ring when striking two coins together, or drop the coin flat side on a counter or cutting board; the ring is different than any fake coin.

Keep stacking! I know i will.

Monday, December 17, 2012


      I started using the new cat. It is quite impressive to operate. The dirt here is hard pan rock solid clay. I have had other equipment like skid steers but for most jobs they where just not effective. They lacked the might to overcome the hard soil. The skid steers could sometimes  chisels away a bite of soil, but sometimes it was completely unable to dig. It could zip around much faster than the larger track loader, although flat tires were sometimes a problem. Of course with tracks thats not an issue now. Over all i have to say the track loader was a good buy, it has some drawbacks like large and lumber some, but when it gets to the job it'll get it done.

      In the past I was renting a skid steer foe the dirt work but, in the hard pan often it was completely unable to dig. The costs would ad up. at 150 per day or 600 a week. also each time there is a learning curve before  i could run the newly rented machine efficiently.

      Also having a rented machine causes a higher level of stress, since it costs money and time is running, day light is burning and if other problems arise during the rental period, to deal with it costs your time plus the equipment rental time, for a machine that is just sitting, waiting for you to finish with the problem, ad get back in the machine. TIMES 'A WAISTN

ADVISE ON  RENTING A MACHINE (its unsolicited so if you dont want it, just skip this part)

      A) most places will charge you if the equipment is damaged. A flat tire is fairly cheep, a torn tire or blown hydrolic line is easly 500 bucks or more so be careful.

      B) Some places charge extra for the trailer. Sometimes its a flat rate, other times its by the day. That gets expensive to pay 50 bucks a day if the trailer is only needed to bring the machine in and then for its return a week later. So check rates on both the machine and the trailer.

      C) I have rented a machine from a local contractor, he charged less and delivered the machine to me. It may be worth calling some contractors that do dirt work, see if they rent equipment. Likely they like money, and will take the opportunity to get more.

      D) Get several 5 gallon diesel cans to bring in more fuel if your rental is longer than a few days.

      E) take your time till you get the feel of the machine, back up steep grades to avoid rolling over. Its pretty hard to roll one but it could get expensive in the off chance it did.
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CT shooting

This shooting is forming a perfect example for everything that big government despises. from anti gun, anti home schooling, anti prepper/survivalist.

This morning i hear the news is reporting the mother of the shooter was a prepper that was stockpiling weapons in case of economic collapse.

So now, according to current reports, we have a recently divorced woman that was financially well of, she was a prepper stock piling supplies, her mentally unstable son was home schooled. Coupled with the mass shooting of children;the anti all above group couldn't have invented a better argument.

Have facts been embellished or modified, to prepare an argument for an agenda?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The New Town shooting is maddening as hell.

I think we should hold the government accountable. After all parents are required to have their children attend school, by force of law. They cant even choose which school they were required to attend this school in their district. The government failed to provide adequate protection. The school has a lock down security system where a person needs to get buzzed-in they failed to utilize the system, when the buzzed-in the would be shooter. The story is already changing. First reports on Friday afternoon said the shooter was buzzed in but they didn't know by whom. Late Friday night the news was saying the shooter was buzzed in by the principal whom was among the dead. Sat morning the news was shifting to the would be shooter forced his way past the lock down system. I dont know how that could be. My main point is the school knew the world is a dangerous place, that is why they installed the security system, yet they failed to take any reasonable precautions such as an armed guard, armed teachers would be even better. Since the law requires you leave your children in the states care the state should have taken at least reasonable precautions to insure their safety. They had taken only one safety measure, the security system and as far as i can tell they didn't use it properly.
It is a case in point of government requiring an activity and then failing to fulfill the essential role of governing.