Sunday, December 30, 2012

Newtown shooting discrepancies

      I have several issues with the narrative of the Newtown shooting.
First is the entry of the shooter, from the lock-down security door, it has an electronic lock that is operated from the inside, when the lock is released a buzzer sounds. Now here is how the story unfolded. The first reports said the shooter was buzzed-in but they didn't know by whom; then later that night they were reporting the shooter was buzzed in by the principal who was among the dead. then in the days that followed the story changed to the shooter shooting his way in. Now here is the problem; this part never changed but, the principal was shot when she was giving the morning announcement, the school heard the shooting of the principal over the loud speaker on the PA system. When you combine each story, the sequence doesn't work. If the shooter was out side "shooting his way-in " How could have  the principal been in-side giving the announcement, unaware of the gunfire just outside. then the shooter shot the principle during the morning announcement. 

      I suspect the first reports were correct; the shooter was buzzed-in. The shooter had his brothers id on him when he was found. Could this have been the ID he used to get admitted? The lie is almost reasonable, or necessary, imagine the outrage if the public were to learn he was buzzed-in, and the only security system in place had not been utilized to keep the bad guys out.

     I have a possible scenario. The shooter hid ammo and weapon (s) near an emergency exit. Went to the front door got buzzed-in, from the inside opened the exit perhaps wedging something in the door switch so the fire-alarm would not go off (it just now occurred to me that the Aurora shooter used a similar plan to rig the exit door of the theater) then got the weapon (s) and ammo. The shooting spree followed.

      An alternate scenario could also have been: On a prior visit to the school, he rigged the exit door so it would not lock. Then used the rigged door to enter the school with the weapon(s) and ammo on the day of the shooting. I recal early news reports said the would be shooter had some sort of altercation with school staff several days prior to the shooting on Friday. was the earlier visit the a setup to rig the door? The official narrative has dropped the version with the early visit from the shooter. not surprising all the details that included the schools lack of adequate security precautions have vanished.  


  1. Hello Buck. Another convenient school shotting for the gun grabbers. False flag IMO.

    Check out this vid:

    Sandy Hook Shooting - Gun Control Hoax - (Full)

    WTF happened to my country?


  2. Ya i saw that one, great video. thats the one to show anyone that doesn't understand what a sham gun-control is.

    Good to see your still around, are you still overseas?

    1. Yep, still in Germany. I'm doing pretty good, making a living. I live in the german boondocks, no crime, no minorities, no problems.

      My relatives in the US are worried. I had a conversation with my 80 year old uncle last week, so I know how screwed up things are in the Homeland. Makes me sick.

      Anyway, Have a Happy New Year. Should be interesting in 2013.