Saturday, December 15, 2012

The New Town shooting is maddening as hell.

I think we should hold the government accountable. After all parents are required to have their children attend school, by force of law. They cant even choose which school they were required to attend this school in their district. The government failed to provide adequate protection. The school has a lock down security system where a person needs to get buzzed-in they failed to utilize the system, when the buzzed-in the would be shooter. The story is already changing. First reports on Friday afternoon said the shooter was buzzed in but they didn't know by whom. Late Friday night the news was saying the shooter was buzzed in by the principal whom was among the dead. Sat morning the news was shifting to the would be shooter forced his way past the lock down system. I dont know how that could be. My main point is the school knew the world is a dangerous place, that is why they installed the security system, yet they failed to take any reasonable precautions such as an armed guard, armed teachers would be even better. Since the law requires you leave your children in the states care the state should have taken at least reasonable precautions to insure their safety. They had taken only one safety measure, the security system and as far as i can tell they didn't use it properly.
It is a case in point of government requiring an activity and then failing to fulfill the essential role of governing.

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