Monday, December 31, 2012


I heard Diane Finestein on fox news sunday. She said her proposal is to revamp the clinton gun ban, and close "loop holes" like ban the transfer of existing weapons and high capacity magazines. Also put assault weapons under the same controls as a class II weapons requiring registration and fingerprinting and perhaps the tax stamp fee. She indicated this would be required for current owners.

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.50 caliber M2 machine gunJohn Browning's design 

I understand the bill would work something like the following:
A) You will have to register any "assault weapons" you already own. You will not be able to sell yours. You will not be able to purchase more.
B) The registration would be similar to the class II weapons registration. Including fingerprinting, background investigation, fees- tax- processing, and you agree to allow the ATF to enter your home or place where you have stated weapons are stored to inspect the weapons for compliance any time THEY choose.
C) High capacity magazines will be under the same control as the "assault weapon" restrictions above. Including registration and sales-purchase will be banned.
D) It is unclear if you would be able to purchase new or used if you follow the class II weapons requirements. It may be the same as legally owning a full auto weapon today.

What is clear, any infringement on firearms ownership is a violation of our bill of rights.

I don't own a sawed-off shot gun, it would be nice, but the risk of a Felony to possess one is not very appealing. If Finestine's wishes become law your little black gun will carry the same penalties as a sawed-of shot gun. (unless you submit to criminal controls).

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