Monday, December 17, 2012


      I started using the new cat. It is quite impressive to operate. The dirt here is hard pan rock solid clay. I have had other equipment like skid steers but for most jobs they where just not effective. They lacked the might to overcome the hard soil. The skid steers could sometimes  chisels away a bite of soil, but sometimes it was completely unable to dig. It could zip around much faster than the larger track loader, although flat tires were sometimes a problem. Of course with tracks thats not an issue now. Over all i have to say the track loader was a good buy, it has some drawbacks like large and lumber some, but when it gets to the job it'll get it done.

      In the past I was renting a skid steer foe the dirt work but, in the hard pan often it was completely unable to dig. The costs would ad up. at 150 per day or 600 a week. also each time there is a learning curve before  i could run the newly rented machine efficiently.

      Also having a rented machine causes a higher level of stress, since it costs money and time is running, day light is burning and if other problems arise during the rental period, to deal with it costs your time plus the equipment rental time, for a machine that is just sitting, waiting for you to finish with the problem, ad get back in the machine. TIMES 'A WAISTN

ADVISE ON  RENTING A MACHINE (its unsolicited so if you dont want it, just skip this part)

      A) most places will charge you if the equipment is damaged. A flat tire is fairly cheep, a torn tire or blown hydrolic line is easly 500 bucks or more so be careful.

      B) Some places charge extra for the trailer. Sometimes its a flat rate, other times its by the day. That gets expensive to pay 50 bucks a day if the trailer is only needed to bring the machine in and then for its return a week later. So check rates on both the machine and the trailer.

      C) I have rented a machine from a local contractor, he charged less and delivered the machine to me. It may be worth calling some contractors that do dirt work, see if they rent equipment. Likely they like money, and will take the opportunity to get more.

      D) Get several 5 gallon diesel cans to bring in more fuel if your rental is longer than a few days.

      E) take your time till you get the feel of the machine, back up steep grades to avoid rolling over. Its pretty hard to roll one but it could get expensive in the off chance it did.
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