Friday, December 28, 2012

The news today

      I hear the usual yammering on the fiscal cliff ( by the way, did you know some people out there think the term is Physical cliff, i heard them call in to the various talk shows and the host corrects them, so I know i didn't misunderstand. HA HA HA,,, dumb asses) I heard a clip of obama talking he was saying how important it is to make a deal, YATA, YATA, But then he says how fragile the economy and housing recovery is. Now, we all know the "recovery" is bullshit. But the falling over the fiscal cliff is a handy excuse to explain the economic nosedive that is just around the corner. It is only one more reason in a long list of reason that benefit Obama when fall off the fiscal cliff. But its all side show BS anyways.

      In other news Facebook is canceling accounts and or removing posts that are politically charged against the left-wing, PRO gun, PRO II Amendment, quotes from the countries founders, and crime statistics. Facebook shuts down the account and requires the owner to submit picture ID and is warned the next time they violate the use guidelines they will be banned permanently. Alex Jones and sever well known people have had their accounts locked down, but several "regular" people have experienced the same-thing, according to callers on last nights Coast to Coast show.

      IN lighter news: a last month rerun of the Dennis Miller show, they were talking of a hoaxer in Montana, dressed in a big-foot costume, was hit by two cars and killed. ( Dennis correctly pointed out: 'if your going to dress-up as Big-foot, wear an orange hunting vest').

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