Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NRA sale!

I noticed today the NRA is having a membership sale. 25 bucks for a year normally 35. I hope you will join, or signup a relative as a New Years gift. Perhaps give a gift issue to that liberal relative, the NRA mailings will surely embarrass them- when they are home alone they may sneak a peak and learn something.

I don't agree with the NRA on their single issue position. But today we need their single issue position the most, and they need money! Not to mention a rise in membership sends a message.

If your planning a bloody standoff when they come for your guns ; since you joined the NRA you can honestly say you attempted peaceful resolution to avoid violence.

Click on the link NRA symbol over that way   ->-> -> ->
Right side top of page.

Or here:


Consider signing up the whole family maybe even the dog too.

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