Friday, January 4, 2013

John Lott

I just noticed John Lott's book 'More Guns Less Crime' is available for free, find it here:

You will find the type of download for your system on the left side of the screen, for PC, android, kindle and a slew of others for whatever system you want to view it on.

His book is the most comprehinsive sorce of facts and statics, concerning gun control. If a person is armed with its knowledge, they are equiped to discredit any anti gun argument. And I mean any antigun argument because the facts show just what the title says; more guns less crime. The arguments for gun control are just false.

For example: We hear this all the time "england has outlawed guns and has far fewer gun deaths than the US"  England is of course much smaller than the US so thats not an accurate comparison. Except for the liberal agenda it a false narrative that works well. John Lott points out, The European Union has a much higher rate of gun violence than the US. Which is closer to apples to apples.
 And Thats not the hole story, england has a very high rate of robery and home invasion, in fact, its through the roof ( from a criminal perspective: if you know they dont have a gun whats to stop you from kicking in the door and robing them?) And the rate of violent crimes against the mandated unarmed of the European Union is staggering, but if they have no means of viable defense they are easy prey for any criminal that targets them. Unarmed victims creates a might makes right mentality. Of course during a brutal attack, im sure the aggressor will allow a time-out  for the victim to phone the police. They will be right there, As Lott says: when seconds count the police are only minutes away.

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