Tuesday, January 15, 2013

OBAMA on a white horse

 well we is saved now! Obama has 19 executive orders and another really, really, big plan to keep us safe from wackos on antidepressants.
Im going to make some predictions, about his announcement tomorrow. If im wrong ill just remove the post and my errors will never be provable.

First I think his exec. orders will be meaningless, at best they will redefine the current law. I dont expect any change in gun law.

Second, I think he will put a gun ban together. It wont achieve enough votes, not even close. It will get butchered up and the mental health and other issues will finally make it to law but also no gun law changes.

In short I don't think he wants the headache right now, i think he has other deviant plans in unrelated areas. He wants to walk in front of the parade to look good then go back to screwing up the economy.

We will see?

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