Thursday, September 9, 2010

On The Fence

I have been on the fence as to voting this mid term election. There is a lot of rumbling amongst the survivalist crowd, to avoid the political game. They have some valid points. But the point I cant escape is "you cant win if you dont play". A natural occurring phase of socialism is poverty and eventual collapse. That is where we are headed now. Our economy is tanking simply because the workers of the nation can not continue to support the over-head of social programs. (even sub-prime Mtg. is a social program).

Look, I have been hearing one in every six persons is supported by a government social program. (I hear CA is one in 3). I also know over half of the nations employment is federal or state municipal. Politics aside for a moment. NO government service produces a tangible product, they make no money from produced services that generates new money (except when they print it).  The people paying the bills of this country are people that produce a product or a service to those that do. A government employee pays taxes BUT the payment is from the government to the government employee and back to the government. They could have simply reduced the wage equal to the tax and accomplished the same thing. (But they need the revenue numbers up high to justify employing more government employees to administer more social programs). So if one in six people are on government welfare of one form or another, and half of the original 6 are in government employment that only leaves 2 people to support the remaining 4. Its no wonder our economy is crashing.

We all average 1/3 in federal tax withholding. its 50% if your self employed. The last job I had was 200 a week in taxes that was ten years ago. This to much for one person to pay and yet we all pay it. It still isn't enough to support the 4 out of 6. The bulk of government revenue is from the self employed and corporation share holders. (corporations pay no tax, the taxes are payed by its share holders). If it were not for this countries huge capitalist wealth we would have collapsed a long time ago. Socialism is very expensive.

Of course the federal tax is only a smaller picture of taxes. We pay vehicle registration, property tax, fines and permits....The list gos on and on. Not to mention the pet taxes like Child Support, Alimony and required insurance (home, Vehicle and Health......).

Back to voting, The economy will crash I'm sure of it. How big of a crash is debatable. Personally I think a huge depression is the likely out-come. Some economists are predicting a wicked crash early 2011. So there is a date to shoot for. But I think our Government will be in place for a long time to come. So we need to vote now more than ever.

The hardcore conservative will get my vote.


  1. Within the ratios you provided the problem is a higher percentage of tax 'supported' individuals vote than those in the private sector. We're all working to support ourselves so we are really playing a losing game against those who would prefer to keep the system going.

    I've read multiple responses in the last couple of months online by people who explain they've worked hard their entire government life for their benefits packages. Even though the math doesn't make sense they'll fight tooth and nail to not see a reduction in their retirement packages. Having worked a short time in the government sector as a government employee that behavior was rampant and is one reason for my departure. The culture was so opposite to my belief system but I naively thought one person could make a difference. It got to the point where I had headaches every day and my health was deteriorating because of what I saw happening. My position required me to interact with people at the highest levels of the city entity where I was employed and the system is so fundamentally broken my hope for that to change is non-existent --- vote or no vote.

  2. I understand your position. Ive thought for a long time our countries founding fundamental flaw was they should have 'excluded people from voting if they received government money'. I say money because it would have excluded employees and those receiving "entitlement" money.

    I also dont think our founders conceded votes could be bribed by entitlements. Hell the idea of government support at another persons expense was not fathomable to them.

    But ya your right at the numbers of 2 to supporting the 4. The four are getting a hell of a deal. They will always vote in favor of slavery of the two workhorses.

    I dont think we should give-up trying. Maybe we will be able to achieve only a small victory at a time.

    I hear the medical problems from stress. Maybe you could vote then try to toon out. The thing is your vote does count! It counts to me and others like me. See I need to know that there are other people out there that think what we know is true.

    I was starting to think I was nuts till I started reading the BLOGs Its as though a new world of like-minded folks was discovered. By voting it signals others in the same way.

    The odds were against us wining the revolution.
    To me it seams our options are to vote or fight. I think we should try the vote first.

    Than perhaps, liberty or death.

  3. Let me ponder your position for awhile and see where I arrive. I appreciate your viewpoint and have watched some of your responses on other blogs, keep it up.

    The good news is the people living off the government teat most likely believe the government will always provide so they are fat and happy. If push comes to shove those of us that have been 'starving' and practicing some lifestyle diligence should come out better.

  4. Thanks.

    Yes, those of us that dont rely on the gov. for survival, will survive much better with no gov. I have some distant relatives that have only worked for the gov. there entire life. If they ever need to earn a living in the private sector, they would be in the min. wage bracket if they were lucky. On the gov. teat they are getting over 80k. Go-figure they have no skills that are employable.

    And if they had to hunt for a living they would starve.