Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now thats good news!

Apparently Arizona passed a law, making it legal to carry a firearm concealed with out a permit. I dont know how I missed this, Its old news now. I have been busy working on my place, In fact I haven't left the property for a month. Needless to say I support Arizonan's new pro gun law.


In a perfect world we wouldn't need a law to permit or allow an activity.  I believe or founders intended laws to be restrictive to an activity, and not permissive. But we have to many laws now an I suppose a permissive law is the only viable way to restore rights.

We have a right to keep and bear arms. That shall NOT be infringed. This is a law to the states and federal government restricting them from any activity that infringed on our right to keep and bear arms. They have obviously failed in adhering to the law of the land. So I'm glad to see Arizona is getting with the program. By the way, the governor that signed the law in to effect is a Republican. The previous Governor was a Democrat and vetoed several similar bills in the past.

Most states have laws restricting concealed carry. Most of those laws were made during the 1800's. Its not surprising that a restrictive law would be made during the "wild west" days, because hiding a weapon was considered by most as a cowards last ditch effort to avoid a "fair fight" and to shoot an opponent in the back. It was illegal in most areas to shoot an un-armed person. So a coward could be an ass, and avoid being shot by appearing un-armed.

But by the same token it was normal for a person to openly carry, so there was no need to conceal your weapon. Now days it would be greeted with disdain to openly carry a gun. So the law allowing to carry concealed is perfectly reasonably.

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