Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack boot piggy, wiggy and XE jobs
Above, is an article I found about what not to do when you get pulled over. It outlines how you NEED to bend over and submit to the supreme security force of the us empire. One cop in the article says 'you dont ask the questions, they do'.  I was pleased to see the commits voicing outrage with the concept of simply obeying authority and not to question the commands of THE MAN. I think we should all be as uncooperative with law enforcement as possible of course we should NOT escalating the situation, they are just waiting for an excuse to beat your ass with a club. But remember there job is to write tickets and gather evidence, and information to aide the prosecutor in securing a convection. They are not there to be your friend or to buddy-up. Be sure not to waive any right or to incriminate yourself. You dont have to answer any questions....So dont answer. Just say what can I do for you officer. Repeatedly if necessary!

If your seeking Paramilitary employment:

 Black Water now known as XE, is hiring. If your background is of military your chances of getting hired are probably good:

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