Thursday, September 9, 2010

Walter E Williams

Walter Williams: Free-market thinking grows out of a respect for the basic principles of individual liberty. If I am free, then I can negotiate, I can trade with anybody I wish to whether that person is American or whether he came from Europe, Mexico, Africa or anywhere else. If any third party interferes, then I am that much less free.

Walter Williams: No, I was not. And if I can identify anybody, it was Thomas Payne, who wrote Common Sense, which I have read a number of times. It was a pamphlet that Thomas Payne wrote to rally the American Colonies to rebel against the Crown.

I have listened to this guy on the radio. He is ultra conservative, very pro personals liberties. He is pondering running for president. I hope he I will, I would be delighted  to work on his campaign.

Its ironic, that it may take a black man to free us.

Also when the liberals/socialist start to speak of him poorly.....We can accuse them of being racists!

Please Google his name and find his numerous links to articles.

His home page is:

Here is a recent interview with him:

He is wanting a ground up building of support before he makes a bid for the presidency.

I would support him 100% This guy will restore constitutional freedom. He is beyond a doubt the best man for the job. To understand his line of thinking he is much like Ron Paul, But his speaking is much more dynamic. He would be able to debate anyone with even a hint of liberalism, And totally cream them. He knows his facts and can speak off the cuff.....He does it all day long on the radio. He is an accomplished business professional. He preaches free market capitalism, individual freedom, states rights against federal gov, and naturally he believes in a small government that is not intrusive.

He is a polar opposite of Obama!!!!

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