Saturday, September 19, 2009

Moron buyer (scammer)

I received a letter the other day.

I make it a point to have property deeded in other names than my own(I will cover why this is important on another day).

This guy writes he is interested in purchasing property and he found my address checking county tax records.

He writes; (he is assuming the owner lives out of state)the land in this area is "only good for grazing" "There is no water in the area" and "the winters are cold and severe". He also ads that most "property in this area does not have access".

This is just rude and stupid all at the same time.
Its an obvious form letter. he sent the letter without researching the land. None of his statements are true except "the winters are cold and severe"

This is an example of what NOT to do. He is trying make the property sound much worse than it is. Hoping he can get property for a song and dance. He is assuming the land owners ignorance of values.

What he doesn't know is, I know who he is. He also doesn't know i am receiving one of his form letters.

He also goes on to write some thing about him being a large rancher in the area. This is also bull-shit. I know him and his dip-shit brother, There both goat herders;except when there in jail.

Just for fun I called and left a message; saying my name (he knows my name) and I heard he was looking for property in that area.

He never called back.

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