Friday, September 25, 2009

The Pacific Crest Trail

Do you know this trail? This is a trail that runs basically from Mexico to Canada. If necessary it would serve as an excellent escape route for any one living West of the Rockies. Winding its way through remote National Forests, the traveler can easily move from California to Washington unnoticed by another soul.From this main trail you can find connecting points heading East,to Idaho,and Montana.

The Pacific Crest Trail is almost entirely within The National forests that are sort of clustered together. Each forests cluster having a long narrow portion connecting to another cluster of forests and so on. These connections make it possible to travel long distances without needing to even touch civilization except to cross a highway or under a highway bridge. Following this trail will safely route you far away from cities and towns. In a shit hitting the fan scenario avoiding people could save your life.

This trail existence is not commonly realized. You probably have crossed it while traveling on a highway and never knew. In fact if you live in the Western portion of the US I can guarantee you have crossed the Pacific Crest Trail and its spurs several times while traveling on roads and highways.

Strangely, this trails route is shown by most Atlas maps yet hikers and horseman are the few familiar with its existence. A horse is your best bet by far to travel this trail. Unfortunately a horse is not available to most. Motorized vehicles are not allowed, but if the world is coming to an end, I doubt anyone would notice.

If this route is an option in your bug out plan, You will need your survival provisions for a comfortable journey. If you find yourself traveling this trail without food provisions. Your survival could be made by the wild game found in and around your path. Water will not likely be a problem. There are lots of opportunity to access streams rivers and springs throughout most of the year (except in the South half of CA during summer water is not as plentiful).

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