Thursday, November 26, 2009


Here is an idea Ive had bumping around in my head. A retreat with trees, abundant game,privacy,and lots of water. That's fine you say,but its not affordable. Here's the kicker;Its free and at most costs 175.00 to register. No wait it gets even better you get paid in gold to be there. Just think when the world is in mass poverty people sleeping in the streets and standing in line at the soup kitchen. Your in the woods, mining for GOLD!

This is a highbank in action. Can you see my feet on the right.

This is a small back pack dredge. this hole is ten feet deep and has a tunnel under water heading west (right).
States require permits for a dredge and or a highbank sluice. Note: California has outlawed dredging for now,so watch that.

Most states allow gold panning but its slow and more work than some other methods. This small dredge can process one cubic yard per hour its not hard to find locations that contain 1/16 oz of gold per yard. The engine uses less than one gallon of fuel per day.(8hours).

 You will need a strong back for the bolders. I use a hand com along. Use some caution here, some states will not allow you to remove bolders and trees from waterways.                                                                       

Federal law gives a citizens the right to mine on public land. Living there is a tough one. Here is the deal you are allowed to live on a mining clam you are actively mining. BLM and the Forests Service will hassle you.
They will usually say you are camping.You are not camping you are mining. If you plan to challenge these agencies get involved with a mining association they will help with your legal rights.

The law with camping is, on BLM land you are allowed only 14 days per year. On Forest Service land you are allowed 30 days per location.

To avoid problems with the man. It would work to have several mines on Forest Service land and move between them often. Or camp at different locations near the same mine.

I will get into more details with making this happen, but for now its food for thought.

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