Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A change of pace, or rather content.

A change of pace, or rather content.

During the course of the ranch work, my mind drifts to other subjects. The work is labors and I can preform the functions as though I'm programed. When digging a hole or stringing fence wire it goes faster if I let my mind wander.

Anyways the thought I had was, to change the content of the blog. I'm going PRO. Obama!!!
Just kidding! Seriously though, I'm a survivalist I have been since I was a kid, I got in on the tail end of the cold war. That's the war Reagan won. Rather than survivalisum for the topic of my discussion or even plitics, the subject I could cover with a greater good, is ranching.

I noticed on other blogs people are miffed by retreat living, and supporting themselves after moving to a retreat. Here is the answer: dont move to a retreat. Move to a ranch.

I have been living on my place for 6 years now and for the last 4 years I have been able to scrape by with ranch earnings. I dont have to commute and the live stock is better company than coworkers.

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  1. here, here.

    The one point I might supplement is the ability to earn off-farm income without leaving home. In today's internet age it is entirely possible to earn a decent living through the internet and/or phone without ever leaving your ranch. It has been a long, fruitful handful of years learning how to garden, save seeds, raise livestock, etc. but we continue to grow in knowledge and understanding. Keep up the good work.