Monday, June 21, 2010

A long time gone

A long time gone

Well I made it back to the ranch in my beloved Montana. Its been a full-time job if not two jobs getting things going here. I've been gone a year and several problems have developed in my absence, mostly rodent and weather related. No theft or vandalism has occurred. 

I'm still pissed I wasn't able to correct the problems I went to California to resolve in the first place. That state is controlled by ignorance and socialist treachery. Its scary to think trends from the west-coast tend to migrate to the inner states, Same with the East-coast, good states get pinched in the middle. Total control  by Liberal Socialist free-loaders is in all of our futures. If were lucky a total collapse will choke out the lazy slugs that NEED the government to survive. God knows they're running out of surfs to extrapolate social wealth from, this surf is tired.

On a side note I have been thinking: The problem with or countries direction is forged to curve in a socialistic direction because the socialists are the aggressors, us individuals are constantly defending our position being asked to compromise our rights. They claim its for the greater good, of course we know better. The point is their agenda is always to take from us, our agenda is we just want to be left alone to enjoy freedom or the fruits of our labor and dedication to labor. Sometimes I think the conservative mind set in this tug-a-war, is to give in, thinking they will then leave us alone. But a little is never enough, they are always back for more. They're like stray cats. Now health care, they want it so WE all must participate in their socialist utopia. I dont want to participate. I just want to be left alone. I dont want to support their health care and their addiction to anti-depressant medication. And all the ailments they will leach off government supplied "free" to them services.

Us conservatives wishing to restore our birth right to freedom, must take an aggressive approach in this situation, we need to put the socialists on the defensive. And take back whats ours.

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