Friday, October 1, 2010


Here is an ideal retreat. Its 320 acres with live water. Far enough from population yet close enough to services to live comfortably till the complete collapse. (I suspect we are in for a very long deep depression).  Now this property is expensive but an option may be to have several people chip-in. then you have strength in numbers. This property if managed well could easily support a very large group. With cows sheep and goats you would have more than enough meat to go around. You could have a magnificent garden. A large group with an accumulation of cash could bargain the price down for a quick sale the owners would likely take the money. Perhaps an offer of 125k would be accepted. The asking price is 200k but you never know what they will take and it never hurts to ask. If they want to get pissed of from a cash offer, that's there problem.....Honestly though they surly would take 150k, I would eat my hat if they said no. Check it out, it also has nice pic in the ad.

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