Sunday, October 24, 2010

Electric eye

Do you ever get that feeling that your being watched? Well your not crazy you are being watched and your criminal record is being run regularly. Most states if not all have speed reading electric eyes affixed at intersections toll booths  and on patrol cars. These eyes can read perhaps hundreds of vehicle license plates in a mater of seconds. Your license plate is connected to your name that is matched to NCIC (National Crime Information Center). Of course your plate is also matched for current registration and some states match the plate with insurance data base records for required insurance coverage.

The Electric Eye system rapidly reads any plate in view of the 360 degree angle. In the case of a patrol car as it reads the plates and runs information if there is a hit it alarms and gives a description of the vehicle Make model year and color and the location of the hit. When my license was suspended for so-called child support I would often get undue scrutiny when passing a cop, They always seamed to turn to look as I passed. When I was driving the service truck it didn't seam to happen. But It was registered to a Corporation and not linked to my license or me. Here in Montana they started asking for your DL number when registering a vehicle.......Now I know why.

It goes without saying if our founders could comprehend such technology they would have considered it a complete overreach of government, I'm sure. I think it is a warrant-less search. The PTB would argue that since it is only checking public information its not a search. But I say since it is searching information for the purpose of levying a charge on a person it is a search with no probable cause.

Effectively this system focuses on a person behaving lawfully and searches to find a crime to charge them with.

 Odly this technology has been around for I gather around 20 years......I was reminded of this song by Judas Priest titled Electric eye.


  1. Hey, you still around or did big brother get you?

  2. Ya, I'm still here. I took a job in town. My life lately has been consumed by work and driving to work.

    The good news is I'm not burdened with money problems, the government and child-support take it before i have enough of it to be a problem.