Sunday, December 11, 2011

You cant fix what aint broke.?

What a political divide we have today. Some believe the government is broken and that the government is the problem. Others believe the system is mostly good and not broken, their only gripe is that the Government is not doing enough. Of course there is variations of each side. I think the people in the second group are able to reason that if: they feel they are entitled to something from another and are expecting the government to equalize the situation, logic would dictate they are wrong.

But for the people in the second group, (the wrong group) they know they are wrong but since it benefits them they are willing to stay on the wrong side and pretend it is the right side.

Of course this is all by design it keeps us peasants poking at each others eyes, when the grand scheme of things the political elite is reaping the rewards of public office, the feds and the banking class running the fed is casting all of us into economic slavery.

The only solution that comes to my  mind is to exit the current monetary system. Using barter including precious metals is one way to avoid taxation and limit ones participation. The problem is, this is only part of the control. If you owe child support or back taxes it is a crime to refuse to participate. Property taxes is another that will require your participation, or you will be evicted by the state. Of course the list of required participation is a large one, Drivers licences, business licences, registration, vehicle insurance. Etc.etc.... Don't forget the soon required health care mandate.

But I still think barter is a step in the right direction. It keeps a private transaction private.

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