Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Banned condom commercial

This is a video of a condom commercial. I dont think its a bad commercial at all. It sights the need for a condom to protect you, from Child Support. Check it out 


It's interesting because I have suspected for a long time, that enormously high child support judgments are directed at punishment of fathers, and their suffering is to create a deterrent to would be fathers.

Its the method of operation for hard left government to create a new problem as a solution to the old. The old problem is women having children they can not afford, and using that child as their source of income. But if you cut the males balls off (financially), It will deterrent the problem.

Of course they could end welfare and the other free ride programs. But, nipping the bud is to direct for a mamby pamby pussy government such as ours. Today, a woman not willing to support even herself and having zero aspirations for a future, can simply have a child and all the programs available as a "benefit" to motherhood will create a sustainable living for years. She just has to be willing to take down a poor sap that didn't have the foresight to see past his erection. But most women will feel fine with sacrificing a male for her benefit, because society tells her it is OK to do so.


  1. A nice spin on that commercial would be a man and sexy woman shown immediately after 'finishing up' (covered by sheets) and her looking over and looking ready for another 'session' saying "That will be $350K"

  2. Ya, that would be good.

    Or what if they showed the bar scene, and all the women had price tags on there necks.

  3. Buck you are on to something.