Saturday, July 24, 2010


I awoke early this morning before light. The dog was barking at the coyotes, they were howling close by. I've shot them when they get bold enough to come close. They've killed some cats in the past,  and now that we have lots of chickens they are temptation is greater to creep closer. I have noticed killing one coyote will thwart their efforts to get close for a while, but they get braver by the day if left un-checked. I didn't take any shots this morning, Gun fire before coffee, is never a good way to start the day.

Besides, for some reason when I was shaking of my slumber, I was thinking of Archie Bunker. The old TV show. I was picturing Edith and Archie, Singing "Those were the days" I dont know why. But remember their daughter's boyfriend Michael, the Meat-head? Meat-head was the hippie bucking the system, Archie was a stern conservative. Oddly, Meat-head's character, has the ideals mirroring the "characters" that are running the country today. I dont understand the mind set of the hippies or activists, They protest things like war and so called, lack of "social justice" and other things that the government does that they dislike. Yet, the same groups of people will turn on a dime, and demand government is the answer to all the country's problems, and that it is capable of fixing everything from discrimination, to joblessness, and poverty. How did the "evil warmongers" become the "voice of reason" capable of solving all the injustices, of the country today?

Those were the days.

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