Thursday, July 15, 2010



I have signs on my property to identify it as private, and to warn against trespass. The signs take a beating from the wind. If I hang a sign the wind will tear it of before the months end. Here is my super-duper cure all fix for wind molestation of signs.

I think its very important to clearly post no trespassing signs, If a person were to trespass, and I perceived them as a threat, then dealt with them accordingly. The fact that they were beyond the boundary of posted property, would definitely help in a justifacatin for use of force.

Here is the makings of a sign, they are for sale signs, that I will hang on equipment to sell. Of course the making is the same as a trespass sign.

Its pretty basic but since blog ink is free, Why not!

I get the signs at the farm supply store, I prefer the metal 2.50 dollar  type, But they only had the plastic 1.09 dollar type in stock today. (I just took what they had ..And I liked-it... That's the breaks of living in a  socialist country).

Above you will see a board cut to the size of the sign, ply-wood will work I used OSB because that's what I had in the scrap pile. Caulking and gun, doesn't mater what type even in-door cheap caulking is fine for this job. A staple gun and hammer.

The caulking serves as glue to keep the wind from working under the sign, and separating the sign from the board. Construction adhesive would also work, but I have caulking on hand for weatherizing. So I just use what I had on hand.

Next press the sign to the caulked board then use the staple gun and put the staples in the corners, use the hammer to tap the staples flush. Then drill holes in the top and bottom of the board-sign and secure with wire. The lettering will fade in the years to come, but the sign will be there till you remove it.

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