Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We got some goats the other day. I wanted them for weed control, as a stroke of luck we found a milk goat with her 1yr old kid for 100 for the pair. The kid is half meat goat and half milk goat. Both are so nice I would be hard pressed to eat ether one. We put them in a horse coral the first few nights, just to get them conditioned to the new home, confinement is a good practice with all new animals before giving them room to roam. They need time to understand you are the new owner, and this is their new home.

Here is a horse checking out the goats in the pin. Another good reason to pin-up new animals, the other resident animals could harass, or run the new comers off.

Now the goats are roaming free, they are much more friendly than expected. The last owner did a good job with them, as they are accustomed to being handled. They haven't roamed far yet, most times they are lurking near the house, and they have walked inside when the door is open. Usually when I go from the house to the shop they're on my heals.
I'm Going to use portable panels to pin them up in the areas that have weed infestations. For now they have to find there own weeds.


  1. Cute goats! Good in finding some that had been handled a lot and were not fearful or skittish. Always have a treat or two in your pocket when you step outside..a chunk of carrot, a dog biscuit, whatever....the goats will continue to keep imprinted in their stubborn little brains "Hey! That guy has treats! If he calls, run to him!" and you will never have to wander fields and mountain trying to find the critters!

  2. Good thought! Searching for AWAL animals is never fun. I have been giving them oats in the morning and at night with the horses. The horses know to return at those times, problem is, the goats never leave....They will hopefully get with the program soon.