Sunday, July 18, 2010



Top to bottom:
A- BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) 300 Winchester Magnum.
B- Remington Model 1917 military  300 Winchester Magnum.
C- Remington Model 740 (Semi Automatic) 30/06 ( 10 round magazines are readily available at 35.00 costs).
D- Remington Model 700 (Bolt action) 30/06

Notice  two calibers and each is represented by both a bolt action and semi automatic weapon. I can safely stock pile ammunition in large quantities, with-out relying on a lone rifle to fire it. I have the luxury of a semi auto and the dependability of a bolt action for each caliber.

Both calibers are sporting calibers, the 300 is excellent for large game. It also has an armor piercing ability that is unprecedented by any ammunition off-the-shelf, and is readily available in the US.

The 30/06 is ideal for medium game such as deer. It is no longer a military round, widely used in World war I and II, Korea, (When we fought wars to win and we won them). It was phased out in the onset of Vietnam (The first war we lost). (Granted Korea was a foggy victory, we were experimenting with police actions).

Clyde Barrow (Bonnie and Clyde) used a BAR in its original caliber of 30/06. An experienced law man, had a run-in with them, he later said "That little lady firing that big gun just rattled my cage" He sought cover, allowing Bonnie and Clyde to escape.

If he thought a 30/06 was bad imagine being down range of a 300 Mag. The magnum is close to twice as loud. I wish I could say the bark is worse than is bite. Its not. The bite is fatal regardless of where you get hit.

Do you remember the bandits in southern California, that wore body armor to rob a bank. The police weapons were useless against their armor. If one man were their with a 30/06 the battle could have been over in firing just two rounds. A 30/06 would have easily penetrated their armor and inflicted fatal wounds. A 300 magnum would have gone through both the armor the person and back out the other side of the armor. Like wise the police were shielding themselves behind vehicle doors, also wearing their protective vests (even the combination of door and vests would not offer sufficient protection against these "sporting" calibers). If the bandits were armed with a BAR the battle would have clammed LEO lives and a likely  victory for the bandits, Even though they were confronted by far superior numbers. The difference being each shot would have been deadly.

Maybe you can buy several 223 rounds to every single round of my 30/06. And your AR-15 magazine capacity is 3 times mine. If we are on opposing sides, and each of us are taking cover behind a vehicle door; which gun do you want in your hands?

Neither rifle or caliber is the end all best for everything. but all are an essential part to my preparation planning. Remember the shampoo commercial ( Head and Shoulders) slogan: "you never get a second chance to make a first impression". The same could be said in a gun fight, I plan to make the first impression 'loud and deadly'.

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