Saturday, January 2, 2010

American Asshole

In my opinion, a real American is anybody that wants to be one. This country was founded on the idea that a person can benefit from the fruits of their labor, and that a person is responsible for there own decisions. Freedom is the most important thing. As long as any person believes in this concept, in my book, that makes them a real American. It doesn't matter where they came from. What matters is a person be here, desire to be free; that is a real American.

(this is not to say Obama has any rights to the presidency. He does not. I believe he was born in Kenya. Our founding fathers required a citizen be born here to hold the office of President. I believe this was to prevent invasion from outside forces. We are under attack now, but this is another subject.)

We are not free. We haven't been free for a long time. We often cannot benefit from our accomplishments. The fruits of our labor are taken to benefit another that did not achieve for themselves. Then the first person is at a disadvantage because he or she needs to apply even more energy to achieve for themselves as well as the government required beneficiary. Since this person has not benefited from their own fruits of labor, they are disadvantaged because eventually when the first person falls on hard times, they plummet much lower than they would have. The distribution of wealth has kept them on a lower peg in life, often if our first person stumbles their losses are huge. There standard of living will dip far below the second person they were being taxed to support in the first place.

Here is a real world example: I broke my ankle a while back. The bill was 30k. There was surgery involved. I applied for Montana Medicaid. I was promptly denied. I have a liberal relative that I mentioned it to, he said,
"well you don't want government services till you need it." No,  I say I just don't want to be forced to pay for government services in the first place. But since I was forced to pay, I should have gotten benefit of that when I wanted it. Since I was not destitute with child I did not qualify. I do however, qualify to pay. Also if I were left unfettered by government I would have had my insurance from my employer. I would not have been training the horse for money that broke my ankle in the first place. I had a job. I had insurance. I quit because I couldn't afford to pay the state of California 1600.00 per month, half of my income, to support a child that was a result of me having sex with a woman twice my age. When I was 16, I was involved with my teacher. She was 38 then. She got fired, then went on welfare. The state came after me when I was 30. I lost everything I owned. There garnishments left me in financial ruin. I went from being a middle class industrial worker with a wife and daughter. I was 30 when there garnishments started. 30 days later, I was in total financial ruin. I had bills to pay, no income to pay them. My wife was never accepting to the teacher sex thing. She bailed, she had bigger plans for her life than living in poverty to support the child from the teacher rapist. I sold what I could to retain attorneys in CA, but to no avail. They have a basic legal guideline in CA, you pay half of net regardless of circumstances. When the teacher rapist gave birth, I tried to get her to offer the healthy child for adoption. She first agreed, then changed her mind.  Basically, she wanted the free ride of welfare. She stayed on welfare for 12 years before they kicked her off.

Do you see what I'm saying now? If it weren't for welfare, she wouldn't have kept the child. She didn't want the kid, she just wanted welfare. If they had left me alone, I would have still had my job and my daughter would still have her father. I haven't seen her for years. When her mother and she left, they went back to her home state, thousands of miles to the East. I was lucky if I had money to eat, to get visitation with my daughter was not affordable. I had held on to my job for a year. I had professional expenses, plus commuting and other expenses. There just wasn't enough money to keep going to work. It costs more to work paying the state than what I made to pay expenses to work.

Here's where its at now and what it costs: I lost my life, everything I owned, my wife, and my daughter. I have payed the state of California 75k. I still owe them 100k. They charge 10% interest on this, that means it increases 10k every year. If I payed 2,000.00 per month it would take 30 years to pay it off. I'm now near 40. The child of the rapist was expelled from school after she was kicked off welfare, he never returned. I understand he is in a gang in the bay area. She, the teacher, rapist mother never did get a job. She lived with here aging mother, no doubt she will get her mother's wealth when she dies.

Its a precarious situation, I haven't payed in to social security since I was 31,  I will not be able to find employment that pays enough to pay the state and support myself.......My future is poverty.......I have no retirement. Even if Social Security does exist when I'm of the necessary age, I will not have enough payed in. The past teen years I just work under the radar and hope I have cash when they take my license, so I can buy it back.(a person can get arrested for driving without a license, some states arrest is mandatory)

Is this my fault? What 16 year old male will not accept sex when offered by an attractive (at the time) woman.
Is it my fault SHE kept a child she could not afford? Is it my fault I cannot afford 200k to give the state of California, for sex? Is it fair to criminalize me because I was raped and cannot pay? If a 38 year old man had raped a 16 year old girl, would he be coddled by the state?

I am constantly losing my drivers license, every time they take it I have to pay thousands to get it back. Three years ago, I payed 5k to get it back. Usually they charge 2k or so. I have had arrest warrants issued, the police have come to my work to threaten arrest. I have never committed a crime in my life, yet I'm treated worse than a paroled felon.

This is why I'm an American Asshole. I hate the government. I hate government programs. I hate this country and its false claims of freedom. Its all lies. I can't even leave,They took my passport.
I'm trapped behind the Iron Curtain of the USA.

More on this later.


  1. Very disheartening to read Buck, may your life be as peaceful and fulfilling as possible in the midst of this crapstorm.

  2. hi buck,

    you ought to check the statutes, as at that time, i suspect it still is, the age of consent for a male is 18, unlike for a female where it is 16. of course, people refuse to believe that male children are abused as much if not more than female children. lawyers are licensed by the state, their not going to 'help you' either. i don't know but you might try and file an injunction pro se, on the basis, you aren't the 'real father' as per statute.

    "She got fired, then went on welfare. The state came after me when I was 30. I lost everything I owned."

    obviously, the state was pretending to pay her welfare, when in fact, it was just acting as a collection agent. just what the banksters want.

    if you look carefully under the rug, you'll discover that the government never really gives anything to the poor. all those welfare benefits including 'free' health care, food stamps, and even nursing home care are actually just a "loan". in the event folks ever get back on their feet, get a job again, and a new home, they'll find if they go to retire, that the state has put a lien on their house. and if they die and there's an estate, what the government isn't "owed" goes to the children.

    of course, you'll notice that the big corporations and the ruling class not only don't have to pay back their welfare handouts, they cry like little babies when socialists suggest they ought to do something crazy like pay taxes...

    i'm sorry to hear about your son. another life wasted. did you ever consider taking him in ? it might be too late to reach him, or not worth the trouble, but it would be the christian thing to try, and you would owe child support to yourself.

    i'm sorry to hear about the situation with your daughter, sounds like the ex wasn't much better than the teacher.

    but, while you may be bitter and earned the right. you have a supportive wife now. hey, money isn't everything, except if you can't pay the bills. make what you can of your life, your still young enough. and why are you worrying about medifraud and social insecurity, anyway? those programs are essentially belly up, and shortly will just be a subsidy program for the big hospital and nursing home chains, big pharma and the allopathic medical charlatans.

    look if it's approved and funded by the government you know it's NO FU@KING GOOD. they need you to live in 'fear of the unknown', so they invent imaginary problems you have to pay taxes for so 'they' can solve it for you. yes you must cower in fear of tomorrow so that you will trade your freedom today to the omnipotent state for the promise of a lucky rabbit foot and a security blanket....

  3. -Anon-521,-Thank You.

    -Anon-6:42-0r 41-The statute in Ca is 18yrs of age. If the adult is over 25, its a felony. The attorneys have been of no help....there were plenty that took money and did nothing.

    Your Right the system is design to enslave people they use the pretense of interjecting to help, but its there involvement that creates the problem. There problems they create are perpetual to each generation.

    The best choice for all parties involved would have been adoption. See that's whats screwed, I dont have the legal right to opt out of parenthood, Only she can make the decision to allow adoption. She gets the choices, I get the bill.

    She is an unfit mother, the state encourges this by giving her child support this lady would never have kept the child if she were the one having to flip the bill.

    Welfare and child support Encourages unfit parents to be parents so they can receive a pay check.

    The child support system is nothing more than a ruse to get otherwise law abiding people enrolled in the criminal justice system. Not to mention there interest alone has doubled the debt. Ca keeps the interest for themselves to feed the very monster they created.

    As for the EX, that's a tough one. See she wasn't happy partly because I worked all the time 7 days a week was the norm. We were both driven to achieve a better life we both came from poor roots. The amount of the states involvement in our personal lives and financial ruin was more than she could handle. Also there is no way out, but for her she could leave. Instantly we were looking forward to foreclosure auto defaults credit card defaults. From middle class stiffs to dead beats. Its far worse than a job loss they can just get another job. In my case they will take half of every thing I make. No way out, for me but there was for her, and she took it.