Monday, January 18, 2010

PR-24............. the last line of defense.

I dont think this has been discussed on a survival site, but a PR-24, or side Handle Baton, (24 is 24inches long) may be a last line of defense. At least it beats going from a fire fight straight to, fist to fist. A happy medium, if you will, in an unhappy situation. When your weapon is empty and you are rushed, A side arm is a practical option to defend against several attackers, when they're too close for a bayonet. When used properly, it can have a deadly effect at a cheek to cheek distance.

Generally speaking, the advantage of the weapon is to quickly force a foe away, to a striking distance.
Check local laws before you order, I believe it is illegal in some.

On a quick search I found this site
Its a police supply source, I think their price was under 80 bucks.

I recently made one from 1 1/2 inch pipe. I have to make some changes for balance. I'll let you know when it works better. Basically I welded an 8 inch pipe for a handle, to a 24inch pipe, I just guessed where to weld the handle; hence the balance issue. The proto type is never perfect. If I had one of wood or the spaceship plastic, it would be a helpful comparison.

I used one in the academy when I was young (long time ago), this was before I knew Cops were dicks, and I didn't want to be one. Long story for another post.

Back to the PR-24, most cops call it a "side arm". If you practice and become expert, its a definite equalizer, especially useful if your opponent is bigger or stronger. They will still lose, and losing only sucks when its you, that lost. Even a small woman could go up against a large man, with her side arm, used well, her victory is probable, if not definant.

You can use it for a hook, a club, jab with either end. The short end works best for jabbing, when holding by the side handle. You can hold loosely by the handle and spin to strike. The arm position determines the compound strike, the longer your out-reach the mightier the compound strike. When held in the jab position, you can strike with your forearm and the long end protects your arm. IE:From a fore position: strike the head then jab the chest. Then a compound spin strike,to the head again. Then your done. Rather they are. A basic combination like this, can move a person from: in your face, to away, then to the ground.

I would say, perhaps 24 hours of practice, and most will be efficient enough to use it. Then: practice makes perfect. If you hang a loop inside your car door, it makes good access even in today's polite society, it could be handy. (its a surprise for car jackers, as you exit the vehicle; Grab your PR on the way out ! They will never know what hit them!). Especially if your not allowed to carry a loaded gun in your state. I think post collapses it will carry nicely on your belt.

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