Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This and that. Ghost-town retreat, Horses,

This and that

I have several disks with loads of pic on them, I have been wanting to post several of the pic, but my current PC is an acer piece of shit, and the disks dont like to run on it. This morning I was able to get some pic of one disk so here are some of them...............All different subjects but I think interesting........

This is a pic of a root cellar, in an old Montana ghost town..........See the door between the trees? Its construction is basic. Its dug in-to the hill side, built of log, and back filled with dirt. The door faces North, A 4 inch pipe vent in the ceiling vents any hot air. This day its 100 deg out side, The door is stuck open, but still the temp inside is very cool, in fact the soil is still damp.

At onother ghoast town near this one the root cellar has a spring runing through it.......An even better deal if you have a hill capable of producing a spring.

This is a stone building that is mostly underground. See the doorway on the left, the path to it is dug-in.

Same town this is the stud corals. You can keep studs together some times, but keep mares away, and down wind.

This is inside the black smith shop........
This Ghost town is very remote, It has fresh water, abundant game......As a last resort one could use a ghost town as a retreat. Most are located on federal land, In a sever collapse who's gona know.

A view of the ghost town, This town has 6 buildings intact, and livable.


This is a a horse Im training to bow. See his foot up and head down. Its not that impressive but a horse learns in steps, just like us. The girl is a helper, she puts miles on the green-broke horses. She is a very good rider.

This is a very nice bow.

Horses can learn to bow, US presidents should not!

This is my stud. He is a Quarter Horse. They index breed horses in-to the QH breed.....Like a Thoroughbred is a breed in-its self. This Handsome guy is kin to some big names: Remember Sea-Biscuit, Man-O-war Those are just a few of his extended pedigree, I think its cool to own offspring of American history.


This is my place, in early spring.


  1. Nice pictures Buck.Montana looks nice.I don't know much about horses,I've been riding a few times,that's it.How about a post on horses?

  2. Thanks!
    I have some ideas in the works.