Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News to me

News to me

Scott Brown was suscessful in his bid for the Senate seat.
The part that's news to me, was apparently Mass. already has a statewide health care plan. It appears all there residents are covered by state health care. Brown was vocal in his opposition to National Health Care. I think this was the core of his victory. Isn't there state saying "live free or die"? Mandatory health care and living free are an unlikely pair to boast. In fact there polar opposites.......

I'm wondering, was Brown elected because they already have a "Health Care Plan" and they didn't want to subsidize the country, or is it because people are waking to realize Conservative values are necessary? Maybe they just like him better, and their is no other meaning. Either way, I'm glad Brown is the winner!

Of course all this is just smoke and mirrors, to divert our attention while were being looted by Washington. We are all on course to slavery by taxation......

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  1. greetings from the people's republic of pew hampshire, formerly the 'live free or die' state.

    the motto actually goes back to an early governor and revolutionary general. it had nothing to do with a belief in individual freedom.

    sometimes called the 'Lichtenstein of New England' for it's tax friendly treatment and catering of retarded rich spawn and their daddies money. it's primary economy is built around the retired folk that moved here and sponging off their social security checks. it's second biggest industry is the strip joints, gambling, and tourist traps, north of the assachusetts border.

    it's only export is cheaper cigs and hooch.

    the mass 'insurance reform law' requires everyone to have health insurance. employers have the choice to start 'a with holding plan or pay a $295 fine'. citizens can buy a health plan at $2k to $9k per year. otherwise they are fined $1,000, which is deducted from their income tax return.

    2% of the population use the 'religious exemption'...

    Brown won a 'surprise upset victory' because the workers woke up to the fact that they're broke and have been ripped off, that Obama is just another bull shit politician and that Coakley (teddy's heir apparent) was a fat assed major moron.