Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random ramble and pics.

Random ramble and pics.

1- What is the deal with Sarah Palin, Is this a scam to divert the attention of the masses of conservatives. Yes I know she is attractive, but come-on. She is over her head now, and the campaign hasn't started. Her only achievement will be robing votes from a good candidate...........Provided one comes along! If she runs it will guarantee another victory for the Dems.

2-I have been meeting an increasing number of, How shall I say this? Lets say people interested in a different Government, by what other means necessary. If you know what I mean! Yesterday, I had an interesting chat with a Doctor, And his small staff..........I was delighted to know their opinion of increasing government control is a deep rooted problem. They brought it up not me. However, it's refreshing to know the country is awakening. Hopefully the awakening will be like a bear, and not a lamb!

3- Clarifying my ramblings against a government worker: It is unreasonable to expect a tax payer, to pay a state or federal employee, a wage far superior to there own. Its just wrong! not to mention giving the government tit suckers, sorry I meant to say teat suckers, A retirement plan and benefits that are not humanly possible in the free market, where we have to survive to earn or keep, our pay is limited to what the market can bare.Government pay is produced from extortion of the skilled worker, Nothing Less. I want to clarify: I do NOT consider the Military part of the teat suckers. The military is a necessary part of a country. Our soldiers deserve much better than they get. I understand we have homeless vets! this is pathetic, Our government can give everything to any, liberal, bank, union, foreign country, its hand outs for the despicable scum that lurks our our government halls and their scum sucking conspirators. But they cant compensate or soldiers adequately. At the very least, they deserve a retirement of 100%pay, Free vehicle registration for life, a tax waver on all taxes for life, property, fuel, sales, like I say all taxes. Look, we give a municipal worker better pay and a better retirement than a soldier......That's wrong, I dont care if you don't like it, that's what I think! I'll give the libs something to choke on!

4- We need an established organized movement with clear goals, and a method of achieving them. Also a clear rule for engagement. Examples could include perhaps armed protest, bring your tea if you want, but if we start by peaceful armed protests this will grow enrollment. If our goals of freedom and constitutional restoration are clear, its easy to inform others the collective wishes of the movement.......By standing together with solid goals, our desire to be free will be achieved. By promoting or collective goals, we can improve the perception of free Americans. LOOK we didn't ask for change, our rights were established by founding fathers. The socialist are taking over the country, not us, we just want our contract as agreed, we need to hold all accountable for our sovereign rights.

5-I'm sure everybody remembers the Google thing, when they gave out search engine information to the feds. I was listening to a show I cant remember her name right now I will post her name and site information, later. According to her :The CDC was given all search information recently regarding search for illness. Important to note, but she also said the search engines store all search information connected to your IP address for about 2 yrs, this information can be taken by Patriot Act request any time. She says there is a new search engine called " Start Page" This is a search engine that does not store your IP address at all. So you can connect to them from your usual engine, and no data can be traced to you or your IP. Except that you went to start page, then its a dead end.



Young folks may not know, a cigarette was sometimes called a fag.


Its funny when I saw this, I instantly thought of TOR at TSLRF. I think his gun safe might look like this.

NO one is above suspicion!

Its strange, but somehow I find this woman attractive. Is It her muscles? I dont think so, I do like strength in all women but, that's not it. She is pretty, but so are lots of women.  Is it that some how she can go topless in public, and it's appropriate? That's not it ether. It occurred to me its her smile, she is genuinely happy!


  1. Another search engine to use which is actually a 'stealth' g-oogle is

  2. "The military is a necessary part of ..." ?

    The police are necessary
    The roads are necessary
    The schools are necessary
    Health Care is necessary
    We have to have Post Offices

    and it's all FREE ! whee...........

    What's the matter ? Don't you love the GOVERNMENT ?

  3. pretty sure thats a photoshoped head on the body of a dude

  4. I dont think so, look at the fingernails. The bottoms are ladies with low cut above the crotch, also crotch is smooth, no hardware. The left thumb has a ring.