Monday, January 11, 2010

China has a secret

China has a secret

I have had this theory, Its been building for a couple weeks now. But pieces keep falling in place, I can't ignore the idea any longer. The pieces just appear, I haven't gone looking for them. I'm writing this post off the top of my head so the reference to items and events are generalized but accurate enough for discussion.

The pieces started to fall in place since I've been thinking of past presidents, specifically Reagan. This theory doesn't have to do with him directly, but at his inception to the presidency the economy and country were in  disarray, as they are today. Only now the players are different. Of course Reagan's policies were victorious with; economy, terrorist unrest,  and the cold war. Obama's policies are not. If his policies were in place then, we would be speaking Russian now.Same with Carter. But to get back to my theory, the important thing to note is Reagan won the Cold War. He didn't win as much as Russia lost because they were broke, so they ceased to be a threat.The seeds of my theory were planted by, thinking about things like Russia's long never-ending war with Iran,and their once powerful nation reduced to poverty.Then Reagan's secret war that needed to be won, and situations seeming eerily similar to current events. I have suggested my theory to my wife. Well, actually I get drunk and babble my ramblings. (She is European, and secretly, I suspect she is a double agent. Coaxing me to drink, so she can extract information). But this morning she mentioned she had heard on the radio something about ordnance being sold to Pakistan, that originated from China. She thought it was odd because it fit my theory.(Strangely the story has since vanished- at least I cant find another reference)

Now, this part is not new, news, by any means. But the Iran arms thing was real, and did happen. Yes Reagan did do it (although when charged, he didn't "recall").(Reagan put his ass on the line to save ours) What is not understood is the importance of  supplying  arms to Iran, and probably money too. What does this have to do with China you ask? I'm getting there. China is playing the same trick on us we played on Russia. Its not as much a trick, as it is slight of hand. Look Russia is not stupid, and they were even smarter during the cold war. They knew we were supplying Iran.....they had to know. The stakes were high Reagan needed to get involved over there, the country would not have allowed a war in that climate of times. Iran's victory was essential to the future of the US. Reagan was not disdainful enough to allow an attack in the US to get the masses lathered up to fight, like they did with Pearl Harbor, and recently with the Trade Center.

We have been fighting this"War on Terror" for a long time. Longer than we fought in World War II. This war is causing financial ruin. It's nice that our friends in China were good enough to help us out with money. Who says there's never a loan shark when you need one. Look, this scam is so obvious. When a guy's wife is screwing a guy at work, she knows, he knows, and everybody at work knows. The only one that doesn't know is the husband ; he also doesn't know the country is sinking. His priority's are his ass, at home on the couch, watching  sports, and reality shows.

Reagan needed to defend the the Middle East to protect,our oil supply. Also to protect the dollar as world trade currency.  Remember the golden rule? "He who has the gold makes the rules!" Same goes for oil, if Russia had prevailed, OPEC would be forced to dump the dollar for oil trade. Our future would have been Russian language lessons, and peasant farming for our new ruling nation. It was an interesting position during the cold war. They couldn't call us out on the arms thing, and we couldn't get involved directly because it would likely escalate to nuclear.(Congress wont fund a war that they cant  know about, and wouldn't go along with it, if they did) So our CIA became mistress and suggermoma to the Middle East, conducting business in dark allies, and motel rooms, with an occasional trip to the bank, in the South American jungle.You might say the CIA had a "white line of credit". Or Its everywhere you want to be, where they dont take credit cards. And, John Delorean the rebates in the trunk.  You get the picture. Its not all bad, It was essential in funding a covert war, And a lot of aspiring mercenary got their start in the arising conflicts. A guys got'a start somewhere.

Look, here is the punch; China is supplying Weapons and support to  Al-Qaeda  along with all those bastards in the Middle East we're fighting now. These terrorist groups dont have the resources to wage war this long. I know they're dedicated to their cause, but they couldn't make it this long with out support from a larger country. Don't say, but we did it in the American Revolution. We did not do it alone, we were backed by France and Spain. If it weren't for them, we would have lost. Every small country has a larger countries backing to engage in lasting conflict. Who does Al-Qaeda have? Its ether China or Russia and the later is broke. If China supplies them with enough arms, money, and support, dragging this out till we're dead broke; we are no longer the worlds super power. China is by default. This also puts China in a favorable position for oil and oil contracts, not to mention leverage with OPEC,and their oil trade currency. I'm think'n the Yen, how bout you? Does it make sense now. Remember Obama's bows to China and the Oil Cartel? Now you know why.  Why hasn't China had terrorist attacks? If they're are friends, wouldn't the towel head proponents of terror hate them as well?

The reason China lent us money, I think is at least several fold. It buys them a position of ownership and influence in the affairs of our country.Owing money puts us in a position of  subservient ranking, Especially in the view of the Chinese people, You see they [Chinese] dont have debt they don't even use checking accounts, or have car loans, and credit cards. To owe money in their culture is shameful. ( Obama bowed ) By lending us money it sends a message to their people, that their system of socialism works and ours does not,by lending to us they are superior in their culture. (remember the bow). This also adds ammunition to our own socialism proponents, like Obama and Co. They want you, to want socialism. Another grim fact, If we owe China a debt, and we default, this may give them a leverage around the world to justify war. With China rising as a new super power, they may have enough pull soon to impose sanctions on the US. These sanctions could include or limited to OPEC. China did not loan us money to get our country on track as China and our government alleged. Do you believe they were stupid enough to believe our petty stimulus checks in the form of tax rebates (this was the bulk of Chinese loan) was actually going to work? please!!! They were just giving us enough rope to hang our selves.  You may also notice in the circles of our Democraps/socialist liars, they  failing to mention, our economy is being propped by, simply printing more money, the pro-socialist masses, think our good friends in China are lending us more money than they actually are. Again further propaganda that is pro-socialism.

Have you also noticed the Left wing spin, on the meaning of Capitalism; they have contorted it to describe evil trade practices of past genocidal rulers. In reality Capitalism only means to make money by free trade. Nothing evil at all. In contrary, our new system of socialism, that is being adopted now, was in fact; the government method of  ALL the worlds genocidal rulers. We are being saturated in propaganda to promote Socialist government.

China's ploy is complex, Its a cheatin situation. Our government is taking money in part to promote, the illusion that socialistic government is superior, thus furthering their own plans of change to socialistic government. Perhaps, unknown to our own government of Democrap-socialist wanting pukes, is China's own ploy to gain the upper-hand, by acting as comrades. Who's cheat'n who?

China may win this covert war, never needing to fire a shot. Make no mistake there is no middle ground. We can chose to go with ether: Socialist or Capitalist. With the former we will survive vicariously by the will of others like, China. In the later we can stand tall under the red white and blue, knowing we are sovereign citizens  in our Capitalistic, Free Nation,superior to the World. Like we once were.

The one in the center ( on hands and knees) is Obama. This is so beyond a bow, this is "please forgive me master"! Also note the others are laughing.

Freedom is not just a right, its a responsibility to send all who appose  packing. We dont make their decisions we just have to defend ours.

 Note the deep bow. Obama's deep bow is not returned. Also Obama does not keep eye contact, his eyes are on the floor, this is a bow of a servant.

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