Sunday, January 17, 2010

REPO Man. And shooting to stop a THREAT!

As our economy continues to slide south, the repo slime are keeping busy. I know its better to employ these felons and drug addicts, in something productive. However, I find this type of work particular despicable. Not because of the lowlife scum that is the norm for this type of work, but because I consider working as a repo'er, working for the bank scum Devil, and therefore doing "the devil's bidding". I have some knowledge of laws and tactics of this type of work. If the repo scum are a concern for you, and I hope their not, but here are somethings that you need to know.

Before I start, I heard on the news recently, A repo man had repoed a car with an infant inside. The mother had steeped away from the car as it idled in the street. She had gone to the door of the house she stopped in front of. Then her car zoomed away, with the repo scum at the wheel and the baby in the back, The news indicated the repo scum was not aware of the infant inside. The DA indicated that kidnapping charges would not be likely. I hope they charge this piece of shit with some type of felony, I don't know what state this happened, but criminal child endangerment and neglect are definitely warranted. Can you imagine the mothers concern? It likely took hours to locate the child, and the mother would not necessarily know it was a repo man and not a kidnapper. What if the repo man had wrecked the car? What if he had never noticed a child in back and parked the car in tow yard storage, till the lender was notified he had the car. The police would not know where to begin to look for the car, because they would not know it had been reposed. Personally, I suspect the repo scum new of the child passenger and did it anyways. As a point of law; it would not be necessary to prove he knew of the child, to get a conviction for certain crimes, but only that that he was negligent in his actions............Negligence is no doubt, to me.

Here is the deal! If you see them repoing your car, boat, anything, anywhere, and you tell them to stop; the law requires them to stop. Tell them to stop! At the same time call the police, tell your repo guy the police are on there way. If you are on your property, tell them to get the fuck off your land! If they do not leave tell them they are under arrest. When the police arrive tell them you have placed him under arrest, and that you want them to arrest him for trespassing. Also if he left after you arrested him, tell the police he resisted arrest, most states will allow a citizen to use reasonable force to detain an arrest, If your physically able to this may be an option. Do not hit him, this can quickly be twisted to assault. In just about every state the charge of trespassing is automatic on ANY property that is privately owned. Generally you should tell the offender to leave, to show due diligence. If they do not leave it's slam dunk Trespassing. This is true on a city lot in your driveway any private property. You don't need to own the property, but you need to be the one in control of property.IE; lease, your parents house, your friends house, you get the idea. Remember you are in the right to say no! If they do not stop and leave they are in violation of law NOT you, don't lose your edge by breaking the law!

Some repo men are armed! If they pull a gun shoot them down. I think in most states it is easy to show they were the aggressor, and you defended yourself. If you are ever in a shooting never say you shot to kill him! Always say you shot to STOP the threat! Key words! The first can go manslaughter, or murder. The later is self defense! But always shoot to kill! but dont say that! Remember I shot to stop him from killing me! Or I shot to stop the threat, action of assault. Also know the laws in your state. In my home state of Montana it is legal to shoot anyone, anytime I have reason to believe a threat is immanent, against myself a family member, or another. Force to protect loss of property is understood to be allowed in some circumstances. If one poses a threat and is fleeing it is still legal to kill them! I love Montana. Now, in states like California, they do not allow you to defend yourself or family. In this state never shoot a fleeing threat. To use deadly force the aggressor needs to be in the act of an action to inflict death or great bodily harm. I can't offer any advice to remedy this, except to move to another state.

Recently in Nevada, a repo man shot an elderly man when he came out of his home; to confront the three repo men. The old man was killed, the repo guy was arrested. I think (and hope) he was charged with murder. Remember a lot of these repo guys are very stupid, armed with a gun, and lacking knowledge. They likely are not aware when to shoot.  A saying comes to mind: I would rather have a gun and not need-it, than need a gun, and lack one. Don't let yourself get killed for lack of shooting back!

Here is an example of a shooting then fleeing: You are in a house, a shot breaks the window, you peer outside to see a shooter in the bush. You grab your rifle (you should have grabbed the gun first,before looking). The shooter sees you positioning to shoot, he decides to leave and try another day, As he turns and runs away, you shoot him in the back of the head. In MT this is perfectly legal; the logic is, not to allow a killer to kill another day........ In CA this is an illegal shooting, you as a citizen have to disengage if the threat disengages; perhaps CA thinks it better to forgive and forget, till they try again. Actually I think they have decided when immediate threat ends, its a police matter........I say: why put off what needs doin'?

Back to repo scum, They are not allowed to break, and enter anything. Problem is they do it all the time. If they are not caught.... Try and prove they cut your gate lock, or broke-into your garage. Once they have the car its game over. I would avoid physical contact if possible. A true repo truck is not noticeable, unless you know what to look for. Some tow companies use a regular tow truck. A repo truck is a pick-up with a regular body; it looks the same as any other 3/4 and 1 ton truck from the front and sides. The back end is the tell all. It will have either a low profile wheel lift inside the bed (its low so you don't see it over the bed of the truck from the side). The other is a sneaker lift under the truck, it just has two arms visible below the hitch and bumper. In both cases the repo scum don't even need to get out of the truck. The controls are in the cab with cameras in the back. They back-up, and hook up to your car...... their on the road in less than 30 sec.

If you catch the repo scum in the act, tell them to stop as you are calling 911. If possible take the keys from the tow truck, if they did not stop immediately. If its a plain tow truck, they will be out of the cab to operate the lift. Another option is to block the repo truck from leaving with another vehicle. Whatever you do; act with vigorous decisive action, while using your head! You may decide to confront them after you have armed yourself. Depends on you, and the state you live.

Its best to locate your vehicle in a secure location, where they can't find it, and can't get it if they do happen to find it. Otherwise lock it in your garage, with secure pad locks inside the garage. Otherwise a locked yard is better than in the open. If possible block it in with another car. By the way, it would be illegal for them to move the blocking car to access the target car. They will try if they think they can get away with it. Like I said they are scum, doing the devils bidding!

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