Monday, January 4, 2010

Economic Forecast 2010

I listened to this show last night, Actually it was very early this morning. I woke up at 2:30 and caught the show. Its starts at 10:00 at night then runs till early morning then the entire show replays. I listen on line but if you have XM radio you can catch it there too. The out look is bleak but what is a guy to do. I plan to prepare, If we are wrong I guess ill have extra food for a long time. Robert Chapman was the most interesting to me, but maybe that's because we agree, for the most part. He also feels the gold market is being manipulated, one of my theories is different from his, perhaps he is not as delusional as I.

Here is a post I did on Bison blog, its a bit radical but outlines some of my thoughts on the USD and gold: 

Predictions, or facts? The value of oil may ,or may not change. The dollar will lose value that's a fact. Oil is a commodity, The commodity is not likely to loose value. Therefor; the price we pay will be higher, much higher, regardless of weather or not oil value increases. Different cause same result. Regardless oil commodities will go higher, one would be assinine to think differently. Oil value will go higher the dollar will slump that's a fact. We will get a double wammie, In other words we will get bent over by one then the other. A saying comes to mind with real-estate,"they aint maki'n more" This is true with oil. all that's under the real-estate is all were gonn'a get. The dollar on the other hand; How much are they maki'n of that? Do the math. Now for gold. Gold, several years ago Russia was planning on buying more to stabilize there currency. They are buying now in quantities small enough to avert huge spikes. China is buying for the same reason. There market is slowing converting to a capitalist flavor, There people are also buying for their personal portfolio. The US is passing new laws on gold mines, This will actively close mines and make it to expensive to open new ones. Supply is going down demand is going up, the dollar is going lower. Gold will rise high. It has no place to go, but up. Also dont bet the farm on the spot price of gold, The federal Reserve has or did have enough gold to dump on the market to keep an artificial low. Last I heard they would not allow an audit,and for good reason;its not there, at least in the quantity that should be there. Gold is funny, the price to an extent is gauged by supply more than demand.(gold is so rare it defies supply and demand basics) That is to say, the given supply is always sold; its the selling that drives the price, demand is always higher than supply.(the concept is hard to understand) Our feds could sell and then buy back slightly less. thereby keeping spot price low to mask the true inflation, of the dollar. And also,the feds could sell direct to China and Russia keeping the sale from the world market, thereby keeping the sale private. Thus, not affecting spot price. I suspect gold is much higher than current spot price perhaps 3 times as high. The wake hasn't hit yet. Basically were all going to die.
7:31 PM
( I stole the were all going to die thing from Bison) After making the post and listening to the show it seems obvious we will not only die, but probably all will die a honorably painful death.
Also check out Chapman's sight,


Economic Forecast 2010

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Celente: Crash of 2010


Meyer: Oil & Commodities


Fitts: Health Care Reform


Chapman: U.S. Dollar


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Ian Punnett
On Saturday's program, Ian Punnett welcomed experts in finance and the economy to discuss the outlook in 2010 for markets, commodities, and the U.S. Dollar.
In the first hour, trends analyst Gerald Celente predicted a crash in 2010. According to Celente, last year's economic collapse never hit bottom because government bailouts kept things propped up. To make matters worse this year, there will be a collapse in the commercial real estate market, he continued. Celente anticipates a 9/11 level terrorist attack that banks will use as an excuse to devalue our currency. He suggested people refrain from debt spending, keep some cash on hand, and buy local (American made) products when possible.
Financial consultant Joseph Meyer appeared in the second hour. Meyer said he sees a double-dip recession on the horizon, similar to the one the U.S. had in 1981-82. The average recession lasts for nine months, he explained, pointing out that our current economic slowdown is now in its 25th month and expected to last another 9 months to a year. Meyer reiterated Celente's concerns about the commercial real estate market, noting that banks have greater exposure to commercial real estate than they did residential properties. He talked about commodities, including oil, and recommended investors participate in the current commodities bull market.
Third hour guest, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts, announced a bull market in both emerging markets and precious metals. According to Fitts, precious metal prices will continue to rise because of inflationary monetary policies and a long-term movement to privatize gold and silver stores out of the central banks. Fitts commented on how the global economy is shifting away from America, why she expects residential real estate to continue tumbling, as well as how the current health care reform will economically devastate the U.S.
In the final hour, Robert Chapman, editor and publisher of International Forecaster, said he anticipates continued pressure on the U.S. Dollar that may ultimately lead to an official devaluation. Chapman also spoke about what's driving precious metal prices, the coming inflationary wave, and manipulation in the oil market.

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