Tuesday, January 5, 2010

American Asshole.......On a Pale Horse.

American Asshole.......On a Pale Horse.

Garbage court service. Is just that, they throw your summons away collect their service fee and go home. They served the garbage can, unfortunately this happens all the time. It has run a muck in some states like CA. I am a resident of Montana, here they require a sheriffs deputy to serve defendant. In California they contract out to private agents. Its no wonder they have problems.

This story is true "god as my witness" I want to relay this to you because I need people to know; this kind of thing can happen to anybody, even a good American like you and I.

I was in Montana with my wife and daughter. I worked full time in an industrial dealers shop. My wife worked at a local hospital. After work and on my days off I remodeled houses. We owned 4 we lived in one and the others were my projects, all were mostly paid, with small balances owed. (it would have been better to have less houses and owned them outright, hindsight!) I was just 30 and ambitious, My plan was to retire at 40. This would have given me the time to finish the payments and have the houses rented. The rent would have been a sort of retirement income, Plus a retirement from work I was non union, but retirement was available. I wasn't planing on SS being there when I was 65. I made my own retirement plan.

I'm good with calculating financing, I'm a pro with real-estate amortization. I know more about it than most loan officers. I'm from dirt poor roots, so was my wife. I worked all the time to earn a better future. I was hoping to offer my kids more than a kick in the ass out the door. I left home at 13, and never regretted it. It was a no-brainier with new financing I could borrow enough from one house and have the others paid off. My credit score was above a 750 (that's very high) this was back in 2001, I had borrowed 20K 6 months before, I didn't even need to pledge collateral, I walked out with a check after signing on the line. The deal feel through so I returned their check. I hate debt and avoided it when ever possible. But to borrow on one house to pay-off the other houses, was a debt worth taking. I would have to pay it off quickly to avoid getting hammered with interest.

I went to my banker chick pal, She needed to run my credit report and start the paperwork. She pulled my credit report and found a Judgment and Lien from California, on my credit report. They Had gotten a judgment against me 4 years before, They had just filed it with the credit bureau 2 months prior to this.

This was as shocking to happen as a sudden death, In fact it was the death of my future. I thought an attorney could straiten this whole thing out. I tried calling the state all I got was some vendictive women at the Child support office. There veniums toung was beyond belief, I woulden be suprised to learn they were high fiving each other.

At this point if you haven already read my post on "Real American Asshole" please do so, the following will make more since. Here is an excerpt:
I quit because I couldn't afford to pay the state of California 1600.00 per month, half of my income, to support a child that was a result of me having sex with a woman twice my age. When I was 16, I was involved with my teacher. She was 38 then. She got fired, then went on welfare. The state came after me when I was 30. I lost everything I owned. There garnishments left me in financial ruin. I went from being a middle class industrial worker with a wife and daughter, to near homeless and destitute in a month. I was 30 when their garnishments started. 30 days later, I was in total financial ruin. I had bills to pay, no income to pay them.

I need  to get money for an attorney. I had bills and payments to make, honestly at this point I thought The law would prevail, I hadn't been served and I hadn't been in court. their lien was Illegal. The bank at this point is forbidden to lend to a person with a lien on their credit report, My credit was totally locked. They couldn't have planed it better. I put everything up for sale I just need an attorney to fix this before my life work went down the drain. 3 weeks later the personnel director from work came to the shop to tell me they got an order for garnishment. The amount was half of net. I was screwed now. This wouldn't leave me enough for my basic payments.

None of the houses were sold yet even when the market was hot, it wasn't that hot. (unknown to me at the time there liens had also locked the property, They would have taken the money if a sale had occurred)I sold my Jet boat. That bought an attorney. He looked the case over, The states contract process  server had filed a proof of service, with the court  saying she served me at my house, At the time I was going to college in CA, that's were the alleged service had taken place. The problem is once they serve you, YOU have to prove you were not served. It is nearly imposable to prove a negative. To be clear the burden of proof shifts to the defendant. (this is a deliberate back door around due process of law). The attorneys advice was not to file for a dismal unless I was able to prove my whereabouts. He said he would need a retainer of 30k to proceed and we would not prevail, unless my location at time of service could be proven. (in other words I have to prove my innocence)

I spent months working on it, I was not able to prove my whereabouts on the date time served. I believe I was deer hunting at the time, because I had purchased a deer tag the week prior, The time card from my employer showed I was off work. I did not have class that day. If I had a tag and a day off I would have been hunting.........that's the way I was.

Shortly after the garnishments were under way, a detective started calling my work, he would call often for several days, I was in the field and not available (cell phones were not nearly as common). This detective was telling my coworkers I was a figurative of justice and that I had arrest warrants. He was telling them I needed to go to California to turn myself in.

I called my attorney after the first call and asked him to call this cop, get him to back-off. About the same time I had hawked a bunch of guns to make a payment on time, for a house or something I cant remember. Anyway I had collected the money left from my check and some from the boat sale. I went back to get my guns from hawk, The ran my info as required by federal law. I was not approved for a firearm (mother fuckers put me on the NICS system) I would later learn from the appeals process I was listed as a "fugitive of Justice" therefor not allowed to purchase firearms.    (NICS is the FBI; National Crime Information Center)

Nearly teen years later I am still fucking with this. I quit my job after upper-management forced me out. They were disproving of employing a figurative of justice. I went out on my own. This worked well till they seized my accounts, Then they took my drivers license again this time for two years, I was not able to continue my business without a license (in small towns and counties they know people on sight, and there truck, they knew I didn't have a license.) They made it clear if I was stopped I would go to jail long enough to book and release. I think If I go to jail that will push me over the edge. A very pissed cowboy; armed and dangerous, with nothing to loose!

I had to make a living so I started to break horses at home (in my youth I was a ranch horseman, breaking stock horses), My new wife's income was slim and fuel for her to commute from our retreat to work used half. This worked out till a horse broke my ankle, That put me out for 8 months after surgery and pins and such. then winter had come. We had a huge heard of horses near forty, none were broke.

ARN'T GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS GREAT!!!!!!!! My life has been great since they got involved to "help" a felon rapist get paid.

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  1. My uncle in LA had a similar problem with Child Support Services. He never was served but they got a judgment. He was able to get money and "cash-out". It was a lot, like 90k in a lump sum. His parents had money so that helped. The funny thing is he was a cop at the time. He also doesn't know for sure if the kid was really his. They would not let him get a paternity test.........They said it was too late, judgment has been entered. The lady or mother was a welfare queen, he met her at a bar and dated a week. It turned out she was a drug user. Since he was a cop and the badge and cocaine don't mix, he broke it off.....She had to other kids with child support and welfare. I think she makes out good.

    Wish you the best with your problem, there just aren't much in options. You can be a slave to them or starve......Try to stay ahead of it.

    My uncle quit the LAPD after his ordeal. He said he couldn't work for a system that practices extortion.