Monday, January 4, 2010

I found this on Cragslist......

At least some people are enjoying our financial depression, An old drunk friend of mine would always say "Its all good". But at least some people are finding benefit. I wonder did they swim naked in the lake? If his wife could handle that hike, I bet shes hot!

I miss summer. This summer my wife and I hiked the John Muir trail. We did it north to south and next year we will go south to north. That's if I can get 4 weeks off in a row it will depend on the economy (kinda hoping it stays like crap for just a little longer, it's easier to get time of when slow).

The first two pictures say what/where they are, the third is Lower Palisade Lake, and the last is a fat marmot on Mt. Whitney.


  • Location: Bummed Out
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image 1503807661-2

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  1. Gorgeous pics there.....
    I, on the other LOVE winter.
    I love snuggling up in the evenings with seed catalogs and fantasizing about gardens yet to be born.
    I love the clear, cold morning air and the stillness during a snowfall.
    I love the crisp clear night air and how the stars seem to hang closer.
    I love hikes in the snow, working out in the snow and coming back to a warm house.
    I am REALLY living in the wrong state,lol!

  2. Yes, the pic. of the lake caught my eye. The warm house is a must,otherwise the cold grinds me down.

    When winter breaks, its like a re-birthing.