Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ramblings of a drunk cowboy

You may have noticed I have added some links to the Blog for your convenience. Here are some thoughts I have on two of them:

First is I like I have purchased several guns through there connections. I also use there site regularly to get a feel for price and availability on virtually any gun. At least every time I've looked up a gun, I found a reference to it. They even have antique firearms and firearm accessories. Basically, it is an auction. You have to register to bid and then after bidding, if you are awarded the bid, meaning,you are the high bidder, then you contact the seller and make payment and shipment arrangements. Generally, first thing is to pay the seller. If it is a firearm, they have to ship it to federally licensed firearm's dealer. Note that you will have to pass a NCIC (National Crime Information Center)background check, when picking up the firearm at your local dealer. Anything other than firearms can be shipped directly to your door. It is a handy service because it gives a nationwide marketplace to anyone that chooses to shop for a gun in their underwear, from home. Besides, they look at you funny in Sporting Goods store, if your only wearing your underwear.

But with everything there is a draw back, and Gunbroker is no exception. The thing you want to keep in mind here, despite the name of Gunbroker, is they are not a "broker". Far from one; Gunbroker is basically a classified listing service for auctions online. Therefore, you need to use the same discretion and caution that you would normally use when contacting someone from a classified listing online, or in a paper. Gunbroker is not going to assume liability, if you are defrauded. Do not assume merely because a dealer has a listing that they are in anyway guaranteed reliable or honest. Most, will do what they say. The only suggestion I have here; is to do some research before bidding. For example, you can look up information online about a dealer. You can also look them up in the Yellowpages online to see if they actually exist. and there not just a scammer in a foreign country, or living in their parent's basement posing as a dealer. The most effective first clue I use is the rating system on Gunbroker. Also, check the number of sales they have had on Gunbroker, as well as how long they have been selling from there.

So, there you go that is what I know about and if I am wrong, I will never admit it.

Gold and Silver

The other link I wanted to discuss is There link is accessed by clicking on either the gold or silver real time price indexes, on the top, right sidebar. I haven't bought or sold PMs with this company. So, if anyone out there has any experience with them, please share it. Personally, I would be able to give them a try because they are in bed with ICMJ which is a mining journal that I rely on, for certain business. Their on the ball and on the money.So, I figure birds of a feather flock together.

The one thing that I could suggest with buying gold or silver and any PMs anywhere is to make sure you get possession of the metal. Some offer a free storage, they will store your metal then you can trade and avoid the shipping costs. But to me, I cannot see how that would make the risk worth while. Obviously, if a collapse occurs, you will want to have the metal in your hand for barter. Your junk silver dollar could buy you a canned ham or enough fuel to cart your ass to a safer place. Besides, a lot of these places will have offers for free shipping, so there is really no excuse. Keep your PMs where they belong, in your hands. Don't be a sucker. If God had meant for you to get bent, you'd been born with knee pads.

Please note the oil price real time chart. It's just below the gold and silver chart. To compare the changes of each is interesting. I dont know that I will go out on a limb today, but gold is very likely to start a steady climb up. When this happens their will be no return. The recent rise and flutter then the oil fluctuation coupled with a drop in the dollar, suggests we may be approaching the stair case for gold. When the golden ship sales it will not return for a long-long time. I just hope were all on board for the ride!

And another thing; If your sitting on a large stash of cash, your a dumb ass! By metal and sit on that, The dollar is doomed! If it survives and that's a big IF, it wont be worth squat! On the flip side, with gold the only way you can loose money is if the dollar goes UP, Get real, the dollar is going somewhere but it sure as hell aint up! Dump your cash!

On a survival note, I saw an article at Lamb's blog;waiting on the other shoe, about Lemon juice, I had no Idea it had so many uses, from degrease to air freshener, and so much in between.


  1. I have purchased a firearm off of and got a fairly decent price on a SIG 556. Was treated well by the seller, but I did do my research first. I have bought ammo off of the site and was pleased with the service I got there as well. You have to check them regularly as the good deals there sell out FAST!
    Thanks for the link to my blog and glad you liked it!

  2. I love SIG. I just own one though.
    Since your article with lemon juice I got the idea to use it as drink mix, lemon juice, water, and vodka, whiskey may work too....I will give it a shot.