Thursday, January 21, 2010



I'm not sure I believe the election process is real, I suspect its rigged. But, assuming one were to entertain the notion that the acting president and other elected officials were truly elected as they claim, then WTF, are they doing?

They have thrown money at everything with a hand out and a current yacht club membership, The cash for clunkers was a bust, for every 4k incentive to buyers it cost an additional 20k in administration costs, Further evidence the government cant even run a give-away program efficiently, The total costs per vehicle was 24,500.00. This is insane! Southern Ca is claiming a rise in home values for the last year, its not much, but sales rose something like 20k per sale, above sales from '08. They are crediting the government home buyer program for the increase. Well woopty fucking do! If they offered a credit of 8k per house it will likely costs 5 times that in administration expenses, So again the tax payers can pay 50k per house sale to allow a sucker to go in hawk to the bank for an inflated mortgage at a still bloated housing market, I'm sure there will be  another bailout to absorb the defaults when the participants of this program default. Besides more than half of the current foreclosures have yet to hit the market.the foreclosures are active  but the hammer has yet to fall. The banks have several reasons to stall the defaults, but there are so many houses with mortgages over a year delinquent, The housing is not going to improve, the banks reluctance is still another scam to prop a market by false information. In addition to the ones waiting on the final action of foreclosure,We are starting a whole new round of foreclosures in addition to the others, there are more people loosing there jobs, and their houses will follow the  tide.

It is interesting to note the only "programs" that had a hint of improving the economy although to expensive because of government dead weight administration, were the housing buyer program and cash for clunkers, even though the later was engineered to benefit the democratic supporting unions, A pay back for the election. The difference with these programs were the beneficiary. The bailouts that had no positive impact on the economy, the money was paid to the Ellette high-rollers, The money is lost to wonderland. In contrary the programs that put money in to the working class did hit the economy, and did provide short term gain. Obviously these housing and auto programs are failures of epic proportions and asinine in logic of common sense, and costs more than ever was or will be gained; the point remains to get money in the working class give it to the working class.

Now, we know programs are more expensive to administer, than could ever be gained. If they were stupid enough to think otherwise, the latest programs offer a good example to those that didn't know. I have known for years the solution to this problem is in tax relief for the working class. The beauty is no expensive programs to take from others and spread it around, but rather not taking the money in first-place, would have marvelous improvement. I suspect our turmoil would end in a year if income tax was reduced by 75%.

The thing is all these programs were not intended to improve the economy, I can only speculate the deceptive purposes. With this in mind the programs are probably a success in doing what was intended. They were not intended to improve the economy, the tools and resources have been present to correct our economic peril. One would need to be stupid to believe the intent of any bailout or program was intended to improve our economy. Perhaps they are that dumb, maybe they think government money is a never-ending source of wealth. California has believed for years the solution to problems was to increase the tax and subsidized the pore, all the while skimming more money from taxes collected to support the ever growing agency to manage programs, then creating yet more programs to equalize the impoverished that they created by overtaxing in the first place............They are in financial ruin, and still dont get it, they are slating several other tax increases. unfortunately the socialistic ideas favored by CA, are working there way to the other states of the nation. It doesn't take a genius to realize the same concept will bring the same problems.

CA is only still barely afloat today, because of the resources they are taping from the rest of the nation. Now when the US adopts the same practice of CA on a national scale, and the same financial problems that plague them will will plague the US as a hole, there will be no life raft.

Now look at us, we have several wars to deplete our resources, We are on a verge of the next Great Depression. The dollar is sinking lower with the passing of every day, The inflation is climbing faster than the dollar is falling, Have you seen the price of food lately. Speaking of food our production has hit a record low, The big problem with this is food export is basically the only export we do. World trade is the key to a strong dollar, If the dollar continues to stumble OPEC will be forced to use a different currency. this will happen anyways but the sinking dollar will certainly expedite this. No-one wants to trade oil in a Zimbabwe type of currency. If the dollar is dumped for national currency, its the end of all dollar based assets including the US holdings. Bonds are just paper with numbers. Cash will go the way of confederate currency, its still in your hand, but the country promising its value is not intact to redeem its value. US bankruptcy, negates currency. We have the largest debt in the WORLD.

Our president has spent the first half of his first year in office campaigning to explain what a good job he is going to do. The second half of the first year has been absorbed in health care, knowing we cant afford the programs we already have. Now, with the election of Senator Brown Obama's baby is likely going the way of the titanic. good riddens. But, a year wasted in this country's most turmoils of times. I dont like the guy but still, in all fairness, he is a complete failure. Nothing he has done, has been any benefit. Not one of his programs were even marginally successful, All stimulus has been a black hole. If a man with this performance worked for your company would you keep him another year?Or another 3 years to see if he is capable of bringing your company from bankruptcy, and if he cant your company will be destroyed beyond repair. I think we need to ponder risk to reward. Look at it this way; If Obama were a stock, would you by-it? I think I would be looking for a stock with better stability in the past, and more promise for the future.........But, that's just my money. Better stock and Presidents are available.

I think people are going to need to look at the realistic need for Impeachment.


  1. yeah! god darn it, it's those damn poor people's fault, spending all the rich people's pin money on food...

    damn bastards ought to starve instead.

  2. "I suspect our turmoil would end in a year if income tax was reduced by 75%."
    Unfortunately the beast of government today would not go down that smoothly. Think of the downsizing in the government sector to support that type of reduction in receipts and you get a picture of a bunch of wandering zombies looking for re-training classes and demanding severance for 2-3 years after classes to keep them 'going'

    If only we could have another 'depression' like 1921.

  3. hurrah! let's cut taxes and increase spending like bushy done. look where it go the US.

    Unkle Tom Osama Obama ? What a joke, forget about him... save your own arse why ya can.

    it's too late to save the AMERIKAN SCREAM, time for PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE... start making other arrangements, because your gonna be fending for yourself pretty quick...

    this depression is starting to make the '21 look like fun.