Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Horse of note:

 Egyptian Arabian, This is the fastest horse I have ever rode. It is like being strapped to a missile. I'm sure he is in 50mph+ range. I used him to heard rough-stock horses. I could drive a heard at a full gallop and Que him to split or cut-off, he would bolt past the horses we were running, He was disadvantage with a rider but none of the heard ever out ran us.....Ever. In fact I have never seen him beat. I got him from some folks that bought him at a Claiming Race.

I also used him to rope horses, we had some wild mustangs we roped (they were legal owned). Those bastards, We ran them for 4 hours. That's action, running full speed with a lariat in one hand the reins in the other. I took a spill that same day, The Mustang cut right to the side, I was leaning forward to rope, dont remember who or what happened, but I went over his head slammed the earth and he jumped me, I still caught his hoof in my hip. I was dazed and confused, next thing I knew his wet nose was in my face.

Now thats a good horse, usually they run-of when thy loose a rider, Not him he came back to get me. I got back on and we got our mustangs.

After I rope'em he can take a large horse down like RIGHT NOW. He cuts to the side and pulls 'em to the ground fast.


This is my stepmother taking him for a ride.

You can see the wind generators in  a couple of pic, Wind generators are the way to go, even if the wind is occasional or low speed. If the tower is tall the wind speed is much higher. The higher you go the better the wind.

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  1. 50 mph,damn that's fast! Looks like you have a little piece of heaven out there,must be nice in Big Sky country.