Monday, January 4, 2010

Gold fever............

All this talk on gold the last few days has given me gold fever. I'm thinking of loading up the equipment dawining a wet suit, and heading to my hot spot in the woods. I have 3 mining claims. One is HOT I can pull 1/4 ounce of gold from every yard of gravel. The most efficient way to mine this claim is with a small dredge, I say small since the stream is small. Problem is dredges are illegal at its location. The other way is a gold pan and that just sucks its fun but im in it for the gold. A pan is too time consuming. The other way is a high bank, then I have to dig the gravel and carry to the high bank........Its hard work, and I may only process a yard of gravel a day. My small dredge will process 2.5 yards an HOUR. that's a lot of gold. In reality a person will encounter large boulders that slow the suction down, perhaps 1 yard an hour is reasonable. But still 1/4 ounce of gold an hour is 300.00 that's not bad.

Note those boulders! I carried them from that mud hole. If there to big to carry I drive the Jeep up and drag them out. That hole is 6ft deep. The good gold is at the botom part. In other words the deeper I dig the bigger the nuggets get.

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  1. How about a post on finding a decent mining claim and intro to mining for gold for poor folks paying the goobermeant their pound of flesh OR referring us to a reputable site not trying to sell us loads of crap.