Friday, December 11, 2009

* Back on-line, for now.

As some of you know I have been in California to settle some business (its been fruitless but I tried). Anyways I was planning to post daily or close to it. When I get back to Montana, That may change but, I hope not. I also have some relatives here in Ca. one has been dying. He has been in and out of the hospital this time it ended-up being his last. This was not the business I was here for, but the timing worked out. I was glad to be here for his last days. His wife had been there as much as she could (pretty much all the time). I think he knew he was gonna die soon, he didn't want to be alone. I offered to come in for a day and night, I brought my PC thinking, I could do my work while I was there (most of my work these days is on-line). I wasn't able to get on line from the hospital, I thought there would be a wireless network,but none I could log-onto. Didn't matter though, he was geting up allot, and I wanted to be available,when he wanted to  talk. (his medication was strong so it was tough for him to talk but I could understand most of it). So long story short; He sat up, Wanted to sit in his chair, so I lifted him over and sat him down. He was talking then went silent, he looked at me then looked down, and then he died.

After He was official pronounced dead, I moved him to his bed and arranged him so he looked peaceful, then organized the covers on him. I was glad that I had the forethought to prep him, before others arrived. When the family members began to arrive he, looked good for his last day.

I was glad to have been there...............When I die, I hope someone like me will be there.
With the goings on today, its more likely to die with your boots on.

Happy Trails!