Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pick a corner........Hey,,,, you can poke an eye out with that !!!!!!!

No one is talking about this Health Care Thing, why not! The thing is we will be so screwed if this thing goes in-to law. They haven't even made this package available to view. In the last plan your average Joe, making under 50k a year would have to pay 1600.00 per year. If you dont pay you will be fined, if you still fail to pay, criminal action will follow!

The 1600.00 per year is 135.00 per month per person. The wife and I will have to pay 330.00 per month. How much will they charge for kids? It seems safe to presume each child will costs the 135. per month. Family of four is then 660 per month. If your household income is over 50k bend over further! It will be much higher.

Oh I know, the government wouldn't do that. They know we cant afford 660 per month. Bull shit! A standard child support judgment in many states is half of your net. Primarily this is if the other parent is on welfare (the money is paid to the state.) Tell them you cant afford that, you still have options, pay or go to jail. Point is If they can take half your income for a child, then divert the payments to support the state Child Support Services, overhead........ They will have no problem taking 660 from you to support there program. YOU WILL PAY! or you will be criminalized.

Look, In the fall of '08, I didn't know if in a years time civilization would be civil, we were on a tight rope it could have gone ether way, any day. SHTF, was on the verge of realty. Fuel prices were robbing most of any reserve cash, people were getting pushed in a corner. Tensions have eased but , we are still in a corner......When government takes the last of your future, there taking your destiny by insuring your poverty for the rest of your life.  I have been in a corner poked with the big stick of government. At least I will no longer be alone. Welcome to my world.

This is how this will go down, you cant pay this, I cant ether. Lets say its just you and a child. Two things first off, If you dont cover your child this will be 'child neglect or abuse' this carries a fine and jail time all on its own. Also this Health Care program has a projected costs, The actual costs are always higher than projected, Medicare was 10 times higher than projected, in the first ten years of its origination. They just charge you more to cover the difference. Back to the costs for you and another.

First year your debt is 3200.00
penalty 10%                  320.00
interest 10%                  352.00
total                           3872.00

Next year if your not in jail, and I hope you still have a drivers license.

debt is                         7072.00
penalty                           772.00
interest                            784.00
total                            8628.00

after 5 yrs
  total + int/pen 35168.00   Now they have their control, you would have to pay over 6k every year. just to keep the balance from increasing. Since you have an arrears of 35k you will have to pay the 3872.00 every year and pay your interest and penalty    on the 35k If you pay 6k a year, now it will take you 40 YEARS to pay your acount current. You will be a slave for the rest of your life. (how do you like your change now?)

I dont think people realize when this goes through every person will have a judgment against them, for payment. When they have a "judgment", Your freedom is over they can do anything they want to collect from you, and THEY WILL!

GET IN  YOUR CORNER SLAVE! no dont poke me with that stick, your gona poke my eye out!

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    now the school girls won't have to think about contraceptives at all, assuming they can think at all with all that ritalin in their brains. so if they get pregnant and want a career instead of getting on welfare they can get a government provided abortion. maybe all high school girls should be given free boob jobs and liposuction so their self esteem doesn't suffer.

    hey, it ain't freedom if it ain't free...