Thursday, December 24, 2009

Buck's, State of the Union Address

Ok here is my State of the Union.
The socialist have taken Washington DC. They are infiltrating all the states by covert tactics. They will enslave you  by using law-enforcement to enforce there socialist rule. There means of control is financial. When you are so broke you need to work entirely to survive and pay 50% in base tax you will perhaps, reserve enough to scrape by . When you are to consumed to survive, and all you can do is keeping working to maintain a barely hand to mouth wage, they have won. Your income to fees level will worsen. You will never be as well-of as you were today. You will become poorer as the days roll by. We are looking at : much higher taxes, inflation, cap and trade costs passed down, and the grand daddy, your new health control bill. Let's look at the problems we have.

1. TAX. Your tax will increase, likely 4 times what you pay now. A huge deficit equals huge taxes (it ain't rocket science)
2. Inflation. Deficit spills over to inflation. (more paper money same goods)
3. Cap and Trade is another tax. Its costs will be passed on to you and I.
4 Health Care. This is a scam. The sole intent is to control you by every means available. This will cost you 50% of your net income, within the next few years. Don't believe me wait and see. Not paying this carries possibility of jail time. In reality very few will do much time. They will likely suspend your license, anywhere you drive you are subject to fines and arrest. A tax lien will be placed on your credit report, your credit is legally "locked", you can't do anything. Your lien is filed against your real-property, assets including your accounts. Any income you receive is garnished...........You are literally the walking dead!
LOOK, this is not a leap, the system exists to do this CSA, and Revenue departments have been using this system for 15 yrs. All they need to do is enter your SS# in-to their enforcement system. All the things I sited will all happen to you as soon as your 30 days over. I can't stress the importance of a drivers license enough. If you have no license, it instantly transforms you to a criminal. A trip to the store for a loaf of bread is a crime in itself. Several states have mandatory book and release policies for driving with out a DL. This has a proven effectiveness to sort of, imprison you with-out the expense of jail stays.
I been there, done that. It makes the simple tasks in life like "mission impossible".

In short, we are losing what we had fought for and won...........3% can win it back. Soon it will not be an option.


  1. Hail to the Chief! President Buck Sexton!

    It's going to get ugly.The system will fail because nobody can afford it.The Feds can put everybody in debt if they want to,I don't think it will matter much.Sooner or later folks will revolt.

    Gun owners outnumber the Feds.

  2. The collapse seems immanent. On the bright side, if the collapse is severe enough a revolt may not be necessary.

  3. revolt of the amerikan couch potatoes? how absurd.

  4. Anonymous,
    Does this mean you will not participate?

  5. participate in a revolt against the police state ?

    methinks, your about 20 years too late for that one. so NO, everybody is better off living their life and preparing for the uncertain future.