Saturday, December 5, 2009


If you live off -grid most likely you dont have a phone line (land line). Cell service is the likely option for most.
But what if you need a fax machine? Some places I do business with demand a fax for certain documents.

Years ago this meant a drive to town. Some times the business was urgent, making it hard to consolidate with another trip.

Now ,I think by now, everyone knows of, or has some sort of wireless internet.
There is a service that I have been using for a while and works great. Its an online service that will issue you your own Fax number and transmit an e-mail as a fax.

All I need to do is scan my document attach it to an e-mail. type-in the desired fax number and it comes through on their end as a fax.

To send a fax to me, They dial my fax number on there fax machine. And send their fax as they would normaly, send a fax. It comes through on my end as an e-mail. I just open it, print, fill-out, scan then E-fax it back. Pretty cool.

The service is I think a buck a month. I use a credit card but they may also take debit cards or snail-mail payments. The one I've been using is But Im sure there are several to choose from. Just check your prices. I've been happy with the one I mentioned.

Happy Trails!

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